The Voice4Society Blog Award

Hi There!

This award is given to those who support the mission of Voice4Society by reflecting similar values.

We understand that we do not know every blog out there so we are encouraging you to nominate others to join in!

This is wonderful way to raise awareness and draw support to those who are working to uplift the youth.

Nominate your favorite blogs below and we will let you know who the winners on your list are! 


Check out the rules! 

  1. Post a picture of the award on your blog (We’ll send the attachment to the winner prior to announcing the winner).
  2. Thank Voice4Society & whoever nominated you in a blog post.
  3. Share 5 ways you plan on making a difference in this generation, your community, and the world.
  4. Nominate 10 other bloggers & share the nomination link at the bottom of your “Thank You” blog post.
  5. Proudly share this with all your social media sites so they can see what a wonderful blogger you are!

What we’re looking for:

  • An individual, youth group, organization, corporation, etc. that encourages, uplifts, inspires, and/or provides a platform for youth to speak.
  • The nominee must have a “clean” site (e.g. no swear words, derogatory information, pornographic nature, etc.)
  • The winner will display the award logo on their blog (We will send the picture attachment to be uploaded prior to the  announcement of winning)
  • The winner must follow all the rules
  • Everyone should have fun! 🙂

Note: Voice4Society holds the right to not pick anyone that violates these terms.



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