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Outdoors: 5 Spring Activities

Author: Crystal Holdipp

Spring is here!

It’s a time to get outdoors more and have more fun. The weather has changed and the warmness and sunlight brings a special touch to this enjoyable season. Below are five unique activities that can be explored.

1) Backyard Concert/Family & Friends Park Concert Do you have a musical family or a family that enjoys music? A backyard concert filling the air may be a great idea to try. How about gathering in a park with family and friends to sing melodies out loud? Different themes could be set up and the songs and music can surround the themes. In addition musical games can be played for fun.

2) Celebrate Kindness Day Why not celebrate kindness? An individual, pair or group can walk around public areas and look for/spot acts of kindness and give a compliment or reward to the giver. Although kindness should be given regardless if anyone gets anything in return, I believe it should be encouraged. While celebrating kindness the individual, pair or group can spread acts of kindness as well.

3) Art on the Beach The beach can be a beautiful place to put the creative to use. Whether its building a sandcastle or painting on a canvas, let the wonders of art spill through. No professionalism needed, art is for everyone!

4) Unique Spring Capture Do you enjoy photography or taking pictures with the camera? There are interesting things that can be captured. Walking outdoors and taking pictures of the odd or unique scenery happenings can spring a bounce of adventure in place.

5) A Day of Local Travel Have you ever spent a whole day traveling around your local town, community, city or country? You might find out something new just doing that. When it’s safely unplanned it can be even more spontaneous and exciting.