Sneak Peek of RealLife 2.0!

So !! It is finally here !

The week we have been waiting for :

The premiere of Voice4Society’s “RealLife 2.0” Project.

This project was born out of a creative desire to expand on the stories of teens that do not always have the easy way out but always had a lesson to share.

Voice4Society is pleased and proud to present Bayley P. with her story ” AUtopia in My Heart” that will be premiering on the blog Monday, April 2nd @ 12pm EST.

For your viewing pleasures, she has created a Powerpoint slide show to give you a taste of her story.

Take a look !! :: Sneak Peek at RealLife 2.0!


4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek of RealLife 2.0!”

  1. Thank you so much regarding composing your article Sneak Peek of RealLife 2.0! Voice4Society . I couldn’t know this information, therefore i could keep that helpful now so i could reference that in the foreseeable future.

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