Outreach: Beyond the Borders


The goal of WriterZone is to connect people all over the world through the art of volunteering and writing. The Beyond the Borders Ambassador Program is yet another creative venture of Voice4Society, designed to do just that! This program is currently being developed but we wanted to share it with our readers in the hopes that you would get involved. Here is what we plan to accomplish:

  • CONNECT with different outreach programs to see how we could collaborate with them and help raise awareness of local community issues. How? By hosting events on Facebook, hands-on community involvement, or simply by sending out emails to generate support. This program targets people from all lifestyles who want to make a difference from here they were. This program extends beyond location, making it the perfect venture for those linked to us only through the web.
  • GET the youth involved in thinking logically and intellectually about the issues that affect them. The overall goal will be that the youth involved in this program will understand that we are all the same – we just look different.
  • HOLD discussion forums to raise awareness and educate others about real issues. Every quarter, a different topic within the annual theme would become the focal point of the discussions. Example, if the theme for next year is water shortage, one of the topics would be disease due to water shortage. We are looking for dedicated team members to facilitate these discussion forums online and serve as moderators. Eventually, we want to hold these discussions within town hall meetings, schools, and on college campuses.
  • ENCOURAGE dialogue on the blog (through discussions). We will also allow people to submit videos for the YT channel of what is going on in their countries. This program will utilize all the main social media sites.

Like we said earlier, our program is completely new and we are in the process of developing it. If you are interested, please contact us at voice4society@gmail.com with subject title “BBA Program”. After a successful screening session, we will get you involved! Let’s change the world together 🙂


As Always,

Stay Inspired!



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