By, Tiffany J.


Voice4Society, Inc. reaches over 90 countries around the world. We’re privileged to meet people from all different cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, and backgrounds. With that said, we also recognize that the freedoms we have in America aren’t shared equally in other countries. This is why we need to utilize the freedom we are given to its maximum potential. Every American is given a fair chance to make a difference in the way our government operates.

The power of vote is not one we should take lightly. We have an obligation to make a difference….a real, honest, and crucial difference in our country. There are folks dying around the world for that right.

Today is Election Day and we can vote into power people who can drastically turn this country around, starting with our individual communities. Don’t take that for granted! Go to the polls today and vote. If you’re like me, and have sent in your absentee ballot ahead of time, good for you! It still counts just as much as if you were going to the polls today.

Do it before work, before school, after work, after school, during your lunch hour – it doesn’t matter when – just DO IT! Let your voice be heard loud and clear today. When you vote, take a picture of yourself and post it on our Facebook page or on Instagram and tag us in it. Our social media platforms are below this message. We want to say how proud we are of you by reposting it to all our followers!

So what are you waiting for?



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