#TeamWZ: Lavyette

Meet LV

 #TeamWZ Creator of LV’s Column

I grew up in Morehead City in North Carolina where I live my life as a Christian. I wanted to share my story with everyone. I have a learning disability, experienced traumatic events taking place as early as 5 years old, and I struggle with issues like anxiety, depression, and pigment problems.

Despite the negativity, I thank God I am here.

I believe in the spiritual connection I have with God. He gives me visions, dreams, and whispers His love for me everyday. I am still learning but I am humbled when God guides and directs me. I try hard to never give up, even when I am frustrated, angry, or emotional. I know God has complete control in my life. Sometimes I wish I could be “normal” and live a “normal” life but I understand that He has a bigger plan in store for me. Even with my mental and physical limits and boundaries, my senses and spirit is strong. I experience things many don’t like angels singing and being able write God-inspired poetry that touch the heart and soul.

I have been blessed over the years to write inspirational Christian poetry.

However, I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t stop there. Eventually, I branched out into writing creative pieces and even such as creative poetic free writing. I’ve even been able to document my true spiritual experiences, one that’s taken me many years to write. A friend is currently editing my book and hopefully it will be published for everyone’s benefit and blessing. Graphic design is also a passion of mine where I’ve been able to use this skill to design my own book covers and print them for my own paperback books. Additionally, I create my own poetry bookmarks, poetry post cards, and letterhead poems. Through prayer, I’ve also been able to learn a lot from God where I can rebuild my own computer and design and update my own website. My disabilities do not hinder me from achieving God’s purpose.

He is wonderful and I will continue to serve Him with my gifts.

Official Web Site: http://www.inthearmsofgod.com
Gift Store: http://poetrygifts.ecrater.com
Gift Store 2:

Store: http://miniaturemade.weebly.com
My Brother’s Art: http://www.facebook.com/vincevango2 
Blogs – Http://addressmylove.blogspot.com


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