Meet The Creator: Tiffany J. James

Tiffany J. James is the Founder and Executive Director of Voice4Society, Inc. (V4S), a faith-based creative group committed to connecting passionate people with their God-given purpose. Created in February 2011, Tiffany turned her hobby into a nonprofit, which now reaches 100+ countries around the globe.


At age 20, Tiffany began working on her first sketch of the program, then called “A Better Day Mentorship Program”. Two years later, she transformed the program into a nonprofit organization, conducting its major writing program, WriterZone, online. Through the program, writers around the world are able to share their ideas, thoughts, and creative pieces on the blog. Through web-based activities, especially the Semi-Annual Writing Contests, V4S manages to get others involved in positive uplifting activities. The WriterZone team, known on social media as #TeamWZ, is composed of talented writers who use their gifts to make a difference.

Outside of #TeamWZ, Tiffany recently launched an international volunteer program of V4S called the Beyond-the-Borders Ambassador Program (BBA Program). This program urges people around the world to be actively involved in their community through our smaller creative projects. Each project is regionally based and focuses on a different local need.


Her ultimate goal is to spread the love of Jesus Christ through tangible creative ways in order to make this world a better place. She is extremely proud of her #TeamV4S as they join together to spark positive changes, one community at a time.




Masters of Public Adminisitration (Nonprofit Management), MPA

Criminal Justice, BA



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