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Hello Out There?

I know… I owe so many of you an explanation. Specifically, where did I go and why I disappeared for about a year or more. Or maybe you just happened to stumble across this random post on the internet and are genuinely interested in this apology. Well, here goes…

I’ve been away for the longest doing  ALOT of soul searching and alot of reflection. It’s been a very lonely journey in keeping up Voice4Society, Inc. Every time I started this page up, I would quickly get into the whole “grass is greener syndrome”… you know, the one where everyone else seems to be killing it and then here you are, on your own, just not really doing much… or at least that’s how it felt. Unfotunately, I didn’t seek the help I needed to just talk to people and get the social therapy I desperately needed. Depression and defeat quickly set in and everytime I thought about this group – “FAILURE” just kept jumping out at me. I would just shut this down and shut it out of my life but it always lingered in the background that there was more to be done… that this wasn’t the end. Many of you have been involved in Voice4Society for such a long time (Read: years) and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you all. It’s because of your love and support that I continued as much as I possibly could.

During my time of reflection, I came to terms with something that is both a strength and a weakness of mine. I’m a starter. An igniter. I love to get the ball rolling and to spark new creative ideas but keeping it going is where the issue lies. It quickly develops into this situation where I go overboard, do too much, over-promise, and then under-deliver. For that, I am truly sorry. I have never once thought of you guys as stepping stones to success (let’s be clear on that). The issue has always just been that it’s been too much for a one-woman team. While a few have stepped up and come alongside me to help build the brand, I’ve always ended up encouraging them to go their own path and build their successes in their own right. I want to see people thrive and find their voice in this lifetime and generation and become positive worldchangers, especially when it comes to God.

I’ve strayed so far from what the original intent was for Voice4Society and I want to get back to that place. That place is simply to use this platform for good, for education, to advance the Gospel, to equip and empower youth leaders, to bring me + those around me closer to Christ, and in the face of adversity and questioning, to be as authentic and transparent as I possibly can… something I struggle with. I know that may cost me many followers and family members (because that’s how I see you all) but that is my cross to bear in an effort to stay true to me and what I believe I have been called to do.

If this is the last post you ever read from me, just know that I love you and I am so eternally grateful for you life. Thank you for all you have done and all your support thus far. It has not been in vain. I hope you stick around and see what comes out of this instead and how it gets turned around but I understand if this is no longer what you want. I can’t stop you from leaving but I can say that here will always be a home for you. If you have decided to continue to stay along on this journey, then YAY! We’re going to have so much fun and I hope that you not only become a silent observer but an active one. Let’s talk. Let’s communicate. Let’s share this journey of being a Christian together. Let’s discuss. Let’s really be real and raw with one another in an effort to strengthen our faith together. Let’s do this.





Dedicated to my loving husband – a man who made it safe for me to be vulnerable and finally come out + be unapologetically me.


Three Keys For A Purposeful Life

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6)

I’ve heard this ever since I was a little girl in Sunday School. It’s always been just another scripture to me, not holding any more significance than that.

This morning it returned to my spirit. In this specific scripture, Jesus clearly outlines the three keys to living my life as simply and most effectively as I can.

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He says He’s the way. That means whatever I want for myself will never come close to what He has in store and it’s only until I let my way go that He’ll begin to work. His way is the best way. Hands down. So follow Him.

He goes on to say He’s the truth. That means He is the standard for the way in which my life is measured against. I am to look to Him for guidance and direction…. which makes it easier for me because now I don’t have to figure everything out on my own. I can simply rest in Him.

Finally, He declares that He is the life. Any other route leads to death. Death isn’t always physical though. It could be the end of something, like a friendship or an idea. Having Him as my source of life ensures I always return to Him for everything. There is nothing and no one in this world that can take Him away from me.

With that said, this scripture is all the clarity I need.

Is The Struggle Real?

If you’re struggling with something this morning, know that this isn’t the end.

This too shall pass.

Don’t forget the battles you won last year. Keep moving forward. He’s with you always until the very end. If you’re struggling with the same things as last year, look at your approach. The Israelites spent 40 years wandering around the desert. If they only shifted their focus, that journey could have taken significantly less time.

Don’t miss your blessing because you fail to understand the importance of change. It’s inevitable but what remains constant, the same, secure, and steadfast is our Heavenly Father. He is always and will always be there. Leave your struggles at the altar and pick up peace instead. Cast your burdens on Him, He loves you! You think He wants to see you struggling? No my love. He doesn’t. He wants you free and pursuing your purpose. Don’t ever forget that. Your God is bigger than your problems.




The Limit

“The limit does not exist…the limit simply does not exist….”



… Mean Girls quote, anyone?

Kady (main character, designated and chosen Mean Girl), was trying to figure out a math problem when she said this line towards the end of the movie. However, it can be interpreted in a different way. At least for me, anyways.

Isn’t it crazy how often we put limits on ourselves? We give ourselves the strictest deadlines and sometimes the most unrealistic and unreasonable goals to achieve. We can often be our biggest critics too.

Why do we do this?

It could be for a number of reasons. One might be “The Grass Is Greener Syndrome”, where you look at the success of others and wonder why you haven’t reached that level yet. As a result, you put yourself into an unnecessary overdrive. Another reason could stem from a lack of faith in your talent. This might even be ironic if you’re an amazing cheerleader for your friends but not nearly as great for your own self. The list could go on and on…..but is it really helpful at the end of the day? Nope.. So let’s:



Start over.

Imagine what life would be like if we took the limits off of ourselves. If we stopped worrying about what others thought or said about us, we could pour that energy back into our dreams. God has clearly outlined where and what we need to do, so why should we allow others to distract us from His 100% fool-proof plan? Why won’t we allow ourselves to live the life He has intentionally intended for us?

Let today be the day you take off the limits and soar higher than the eagles.


Today’s Challenge: Dare to live outside of the box. If not for your own self, for the ones looking up to your example.

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