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“Peace & Prosperity”

Author:  Shudiara L. McMillian


Peace and Prosperity

By: Shudiara L. McMillian

When you think of peace you think of calm and serenity, and when you think of prosperity depending on your view you may think of it to be the work that you do you may be fulfilled by that, or prosperity from the view of having more than enough of everything such as money, successful businesses, etc.

Thinking about peace and prosperity at this point in my life, initially I was not really sure what I would write about. If I were to share about my situation at this point you’d understand that to the natural eye it’s totally opposite of peace and prosperity. I’ve found a new perspective this year and knowing that where I currently am in life that it can only get better from here.

It was around the last part of 2013, a time in my life where I had no peace. I was brokenhearted and I tried to “fix” my life, but I felt so defeated every day. I saw a better life, but in the mindset I was in; prosperity seemed so far away. I went through a lot emotionally and some days I could barely see the way.

What changed my mindset that ultimately changed my words, is that I allowed myself time to heal from the emotional trauma I was experiencing. I had to find the inner strength in the midst of all that I was going through to trust God and to remember the promises he had made me. I started to declare great things over my life, and I really began trust God to lead my life. When I did that I found peace within a broken situation. I had to stop getting ahead of God because everything I was doing to try and help “fix” my life was failing; and it was hurting me.

This year by the grace of God it has been such a turnaround in my faith, in my mindset, and even the words that I speak are beneficial to where I am and where I’m going! I know that because of my faith (confidence) in God, I am stronger, grounded, and rooted in peace and positivity.

I now recognize that where God is taking me, I have no hand in the planning. He is building me up newer and stronger, and in ways I never imagined. God is preparing me for great things to come. I am thankful that I chose to accept the flow of MY life, understanding that it’s going the way God has planned. It is that through this revelation I find much peace!


Your Looks Are NOT Superior, We’re All Different! (Part 2)

By: Shudiara McMillian

Being a good parent involves many important aspects other than just providing the best for your children. That is all fine and dandy, but you need to help them build good character, not just aid in helping them build themselves off of good looks or material things. Teach them to love and respect everyone no matter what racial background they are from. Children repeat what they hear and what they see, and it all starts from home. Shallow, one track mind children grow up to be shallow, ignorant, one-track mind adults who only see beauty in what they were taught all their lives.

Give your children something they can hold on too. They can grow up with thinking they are superior because you told them they were, but later in life they can so destroyed as adults. They will eventually find themselves taking jabs at another person just to make themselves feel good. Do not destroy or taint your children, teach them to accept all people with all different features, and skin colors, and hair textures. If you are a person with or without children and you struggle with thinking you are superior and are not accepting of different people but you want to make a change, I will keep you in prayer that God changes your heart and mind on the matter. It is not your fault you only copied what you were taught. God loves us all and if you are striving to be Christ-like know that he accepts us all and does not see skin color, hair texture, or facial features. With saying that I am not even going to tell you to get on my level or on another person’s level that has total confidence, but get on God and Jesus level; get like them. 

I also think the media has a lot to do with the world accepting all types of beauty, because they only put one image of beauty on top (y’all know what I’m talking about). It’s not just a black thing, but other ethnic backgrounds struggle with this very thing. Beauty is not what is on the outside, beauty starts on the inside and it shines through from within for everyone to see. This world is very shallow and judgmental, but as an individual you can make it a little better by doing your part. Build other women up and care about them. Be a good example to your children, nieces, nephews, and god-children. Real Men do your part and shut your boys down when they have conversations that pick women apart. You can make a change let your light shine on that darkness.


God Bless

Shudiara McMillian

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Your Looks Are NOT Superior, We’re All Different! (Part 1)

By: Shudiara McMillian
This blog post is actually a response to a recent YouTube video I saw. If you are interested click the link and watch the video first to get a better understanding of my response!

Whenever an individual makes certain comments that aim to bring down confident people, you have to look at the bigger picture to make an intelligent response. People like that are jealous, and their self-esteem is usually very low. You could be thought to be the most beautiful man or women someone ever laid eyes on, but at the same time be so shallow and destroyed on the inside. It is very sad that we are so divided as men and women mostly women by our skin color, hair texture, body types, and facial features. It is not a bad thing to be different in these areas it is how God created us to be.

However, it becomes an issue when you think of yourself to be superior than the other being that someone told you your shape is better, your skin color is better, and your hair texture is better than his or hers.  It is such an issue that as children many are brainwashed into thinking they are superior to others because they look a certain way, or a small boy grows up to think that a certain woman is superior being that she has certain features, skin color, and hair that appeal more European or acceptable. As parents, we should teach our children to accept all people from all races. How can you view yourself to be a good parent when you don’t allow your children to build their own perception of others?


Stay tuned for Part 2 on Thursday!


© 2012 Dec SLM Writing All Rights Reserved.

Do You Have One? The Importance of a Mission Statement (Part 3)

Continued from last week….
Building a Mission statement is important because, it will give you a sense of direction and meaning to your life. It will help you be successful at the overall goals you have set. If you know where you are going, having set goals will make your mission easier to accomplish. We all have a mission, we were not placed on this earth to only work countless hours, pay bills, chase after money, or waist money on unnecessary things (living without purpose).
There is more meaning to life, and the things of this world will come and go. Until you seek to find what you are meant to do, there will always be a feeling of worthlessness. If someone asked, what is your mission in life? What is your purpose? Would you have a ready answer or would you say I don’t know? You may be an accountant, a factory worker, or a cashier, but know that it is not your ultimate mission in life. Whatever you do have passion and interest for it.
  Many people work in certain fields not because of passion, but because of money. You can tell if someone truly enjoys their work, they smile and provide an overall pleasant experience. Then there are those who work in a certain field because the pay is good, but they have the worst attitude. If you find yourself in that category it would be in your best interest to find your purpose, what were you specifically created to do? The best solution I can recommend is to pray to God that he will start to reveal your purpose. Pray that he will continue to guide you on the right path as you began to understand what it is you were destined to do.
There you have it, you now know what a mission statement is, how to start building one, and its’importance. I hope you have drawn inspiration from this. Feel free to share this with your loved ones and friends.
Shudiara McMillian

Do You Have One? The Importance of a Mission Statement (Part 2)

Continuing from last week’s post:
First here is a brief summary of how K.P. Yahannan built his mission statement:
Yhannan’s memoir was about his mission to change his generation. He was 16-years-old when he became a missionary. He went throughout Asia preaching the Gospel to the lost, but he was faced with many trials along the way. It was in chapter three of the book where I built my own mission statement.  For many reasons I won’t disclose just yet J. In the book, Yahannan talked about meeting a man by the name of John Haggai, who challenged him to create a mission statement for himself.  He had to write a sentence that summarized what he would do for the remainder of his life.
The guidelines were: “it could not be self-centered or worldly in nature. And one more thing—it had to bring glory to God.” (Revolutions In World Missions) After reading that insert from the book it helped me quickly think of my mission in life, and it met all the criteria stated above. It was very easy for me because at the time I was developing a great love for God. It just seemed to naturally flow as if I always knew my purpose in life.
As far as my passion, well you are getting a small sample of it right now. I recently realized that writing is my passion. As a young girl in elementary school I would write short stories, but as I got older I stopped. In high school you know you have to right papers for English class, I always made a good grade on them, but I didn’t recognize it as my gift. It took years to really realize I had the gift of writing, but I had really been unconsciously doing it all along. God always has a way of showing you answers to the questions you have.
I encourage you to take a few moments out of every day to start building your very own Mission Statement. I say every day because it will take time to figure out. Keep a pen and journal close by at all times to keep track of your thoughts and short/long-term goals. Think about the things you already do well. Are you motivating people? Are you a good listener? Are you artistic? Does teaching come natural to you? What are some of the things you would like to see change? These things are ultimately passions, but will most likely lead you to your purpose. When you know your purpose you can build a mission statement.
(Stay tuned next week for the final installment of this awesome post!)