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Three Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Be Sorry For in Your 20’s

Three Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Be Sorry For in Your 20’s.
By Dillon Asencio

Don’t be sorry for leaving old friends behind and getting new ones

Our 20’s are a time for exploration and learning. We are constantly doing things: schoolwork, going to concerts, going out to parties, and meeting new people. Along the way, we meet people who share similar interests with us and we attach ourselves to them rather than our old friends. Guess what? That’s perfectly fine. Yeah, you may be called selfish by your old friends. They may even stop talking to you but sometimes you need to surround yourself with other people. Meeting new people and getting to know them is extremely healthy and exciting. Don’t be sorry for hanging out with different people.


Never be sorry for not wanting to settle down

 It’s natural for you to want more. You should never be sorry for bouncing from town to town or job to job. You are young and there is so much out there for you to see and do. Having a desire to see the world and experience new things, or simply to experience different careers is okay. Have fun and let your desire for more motivate you to put in the work to get to where you want to be.

Never be sorry for thinking about yourself first

 There are some times where being selfish can actually be a good thing. Your 20’s are extremely important! You should be concerned about what is currently going on in your life and what you want to make of it. It’s okay to put yourself first and focus on your own goals. It’s your life and you need to work to make it how you want it. If making other people happy is making you upset and pulling you down in life, you need to change that. Make sure you’re happy and confident with what’s going on in your life before anything!


The Pros and Cons of going to Graduate School -By Dillon Asencio

As a junior in college, I find myself thinking about what i’m going to do once I graduate. Each semester is flying by, and before I know it, I’ll be graduating. With the extreme amount of stress and activities that come along with being a senior, as a junior, I feel that now is the best time to figure out if I want to attend grad school or not. Grad. school is definitely not for everyone, and I even find myself questioning whether it’s worth it or not. With everything in life, there are pros and cons for pursuing a graduate degree. Some of the pros are:


1. More opportunities: Having a graduate degree can open the door to many new opportunities. With the job market being more competitive, having a graduate degree can separate you from other applicants.


2. The chance to earn more money: According to many statistics, students who have a graduate degree earn more money than student’s who just hold an Associates or Bachelor’s degree.  


3. The chance for promotions: Many jobs may require a Bachelor’s degree in order to be hired, but once you are with the business or agency, more education may be needed in order to be promoted. Having a graduate degree already, may save you the time of going back to school once you are with the company.


4. The chance to change careers: A lot of people I know get two years into their undergraduate programs and complain about their major. I often hear, “why the heck did I chose this major?” or “This is so boring, but I can’t change my major because i’m too far into my program”. Going to graduate school allows you to study something completely different. You can go from getting your undergraduate degree in Culinary Arts and getting your Master’s degree in Psychology. Having multiple degrees in completely different fields allows you to become more intellectually diverse and gives you the opportunity to change careers if you want.


5. The struggle is too real: With employers being extremely picky and a high number of people being educated, having a graduate degree can help you stand out. If you have the opportunity to pursue your education further, it may be a good idea to do so. We often hear about jobs being scarce and people struggling to find jobs, especially college graduates, so why not try and put yourself above as many people as possible?


6. Networking: Going to grad. school gives you an opportunity to network. Many people in your undergrad classes may be extremely young and haven’t started their careers yet, so they might not have been much help when it came to finding a well paying job. In grad. school, you’ll get to meet older people who probably have started their careers already and are just going back to get more education. It will give you a chance to get to know them in a more calming and informal setting and get your name out there.


Although going to graduate school may seem to be a positive experience, there are also negatives involved with it. Some of the cons are:


1. It’s Expensive:  Attending grad. school is extremely expensive. You probably already have a decent sized debt from your undergrad program, and adding more loans and fees on top of that may be too much to handle.


2. It’s Stressful: From what i’ve heard from many graduate students. Grad. school is extremely stressful. Of course, there are many factors that may increase someone’s stress, but you already had to deal with 4 years of undergrad. school filled with sleepless nights, presentations, and research papers, a lot of people may not want to do it all over again.


3. No guarantee of a higher salary: Although statistics may show that people who have graduate degrees on average make more than those who only hold an undergraduate degree, a higher salary is still not guaranteed. Without the guarantee of a higher salary, many students may avoid the stress and cost of graduate school and see how far they can go with just their undergrad. degrees.


4. You might be overqualified for some positions: I think this is the most ridiculous excuse not to hire someone, but unfortunately, it may happen. Some employers may feel that you are overqualified for a certain position. With some businesses looking to save as much money as possible, hiring someone with a graduate degree may mean paying them more money and giving them more benefits. They may prefer someone who only has an undergrad degree, and will work for less money.


Graduate school may open many doors for you in whatever career you choose to pursue. It can push you intellectually and you would have more opportunities to network with professors and fellow classmates. It gives you a better chance to advance once you have settled into a career, and if you didn’t like what you studied during your undergrad. program, you can study something completely different. But then again, your higher salary is not guaranteed and you would be putting yourself into more debt and stress for another 2-7years.

Although there seems to be a big risk that’s involved with going to grad. school, I myself am leaning more towards choosing to pursue a graduate degree. As I said before, the struggle is too real. Even if a higher salary is not guaranteed, at least having a graduate degree puts me in a better position to receive a higher salary if one was being offered somewhere. Throughout my undergraduate career, many of the students around me have only held jobs at fast food spots or clothing stores, and although they would be helpful if I needed a position in one of their stores, i’m in college to hopefully start a career, and I feel that being in graduate school will allow me to meet a lot more people who are in a position I want to get to. It’s going to be stressful, buImaget I’ve already done it for three years, i’m sure I can handle it and i’m sure anyone else can handle it too. Too many people cut themselves short and don’t understand their talents and abilities. Just making it to college is a huge accomplishment, if you want to continue your education after it, have a positive attitude and don’t let things like more homework and harder classes discourage you. In my opinion, the main thing against grad. school is how expensive it is. Although it is expensive, its an investment in your future.

If you choose not to go to graduate school, that’s fine too! Do what’s best for you. If you are satisfied with your undergraduate degree and your current job, then stay with it. You’ll save money and time. Everyone takes their own path in life, and if you choose to change your mind in the future, you can. You have the rest of your life to decide what works well for you.


10 Things To Do Before You Graduate College by Dillon A.

Hey all!

So we have yet another article coming at you from Mr. Dillon Asencio. 

Remember his post on Bromance?

Remember how awesome it was?

Well, he asked for yet another thought-provoking topic. Since he’s currently in college, I asked him to do some reflecting and conjure up a list of 10 things to do before he graduates. After some deep thinking, he put together this list. Can you relate to any of these?

10 Things To Do Before You Graduate College 
            By Dswaags Nacaj aka Dillon Asencio

    Hello everyone! Once again Voice4Society’s very own Tiffany gives me a topic that seems simple. I thought making a list of 10things to do before you graduate college should be really easy, but when I actually sat down to think about it, I realized that it was far from that. I never really thought about graduation much because I’m graduating in another year and a half. It seemed pretty far away in my head, but when I thought about it, graduation is really close. I thought about this list for about 2weeks and finally came up with 10things you should do before graduation. I hope that this helps other students figure out what they should do before they graduate college, if not #yolo.

  1. Get an Internship: It seems like jobs now are only hiring people who have experience. You might be saying to yourself, how do they expect me to get experience if no one is willing to hire me and teach me? Getting an internship while you’re in school gives you the chance to get experience, so when you graduate, you already have the experience employers are looking for in a candidate.  An internship + your degree will help you a lot.


  1. Meet with your advisor: Your advisor knows what classes you need to take and how close you are to graduation. Students complain about mistakes their advisors made which can probably delay graduation another semester. Meet with your advisor and go over the list of courses you need to take and make a plan.


  1. Take Down All Of Your Professors’ Contact Info: Your professors are the people who have been hired to teach you and give you a real work experience. Most of your professors probably worked in the same field you want to work in. They’re your direct link to people who are still working in the field and they know what you’re capable of. Your professors can help set up interviews or provide a recommendation, so stay on their good side and show them you can handle the work in their class.


  1. Take Down Some Of Your Classmates’ Info: Making friends in college is extremely important. It’s always good to make friends wherever you go. Aside from the fact that making new friends is good (in my opinion). You never know where they will be after college. You might think that the kid picking his nose in the corner of the class, the anti-social girl in the front, and that one annoying loud girl who seems to answer every question in class, are all “uncool” or “weird”, but they can probably be the ones who make it far and help you get the job you want.


  1. Attend A Guest Lecture: Being able to gather in one room and listen to a sometimes highly intelligent individual, is hard to do once you graduate. Normally people have to pay a ridiculous amount of money just to sit down and attend a lecture. Colleges should always have guest speakers throughout the semester. Attend them, take notes, asks questions, and learn from them. A lot of students may not want to attend because they think it’s boring, but once you aren’t able to attend them for free anymore, you’ll be wishing you did when you had the chance.
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  1. Join a club: Clubs are fun and there are usually a good amount of different ones to choose from. They look great on your resume and sometimes offer trips. It’s a great way to learn more, hangout, meet new people, and get free pizza. Good clubs always have pizza! If your club doesn’t, you’re in the wrong one.


  1. Attend a sporting event: What better way to show school spirit than painting your entire face your school’s color, gathering with hundreds of your fellow classmates, friends, professors, and even strangers and just yell at the top of your lungs for your school.


  1. Learn How To Cook: If you’re dorming, the luxury of a meal plan is about to end. If you live at home, you’re probably looking for a place to live after you graduate so you won’t have to hear your parents complain about everything in life. Learning how to cook is very important! Having a microwave to just heat canned food up is awesome, but just like everything easy in life, it can give you cancer. So at least try to learn how to cook.


  1. Write an article for Voice4Society: Because Tiffany and everyone else who’s a part of it is awesome in every way.


  1. Throw An Insane Party Before Graduation: You’ve worked hard your entire life to get where you are. At least take one day to reward yourself for your hard work and dedication. Nothing too wild like the movie Project X, but something fun and safe. Four years of presentations, research papers, and listening to that loud annoying girl from #4 can be really stressful. Let loose, have fun, stay safe, and get ready for the real world!

Bromance – Dillon Ascencio


… A few weeks ago, Tiffany asked me to write an article on brotherhood. At first I thought it would be extremely easy, I mean how hard does it sound right? But then as the days went on I began to think a lot about this topic and found it very difficult. I thought to myself, what truly is brotherhood? Brotherhood, the way I see it, is having a group of friends who always have your back. You’ll always know tons of people. People you meet at school, work, concerts, people you meet through other friends, but that one group of people you are closest too remains with you through thick and thin. For me, my group consists of males and females.

When something bad happens to me I can count on them to be there for me. I can count on them to support me in any decisions I make, whether they agree or disagree with them because as long as I am happy, they are happy. I can count on them to take my mind off of any stressful situation just by hanging out with them for a few minutes. I can count on them to always be there for me if I need someone to talk to no matter how early or how late it is. Even though the term is brotherhood, I see my female friends as equally important and close to me as my male friends are. I have met a lot of people throughout my life, but for years I can’t seem to shake away this wild and crazy group of people I call my brothers and sisters. We’ve all gotten into arguments with each other, laughed together, handled stressful situations together, partied together, and years later we’ve only grown closer to each other.

==> When you can turn to a person and seriously consider them your brother or sister, you know they hold a special place in your heart. For those who read this article and decide to add me on facebook you will notice that my middle name is Dyho. A lot of people ask “what is Dyho?” or “what does it stand for?”. Dyho stands for Dance Your Heart Out. It is a crew that was formed by one of my friend’s in my group named David. Dyho represents the love, trust, and friendship of me and everyone that I call my brother and sister. While our form of dancing(moshing) is not really recognized as a form of dance to many people, we’ve taken this group and label ourselves with Dyho to show that we are one group. When we go to concerts or we hang out we are one group, we are all apart of Dyho and we are all there for each other through good times and bad.

Whether you have only one best friend or you have a group of close friends like I do, everyone always needs someone they can trust with anything and can count on to be there for them. Besides our family members, they are the most important people in our lives and having someone will make life a lot easier to go through.


===========> If anyone has any questions about anything please feel free to contact me at or my facebook page Dillon Asencio. If you are in a rock band or know …a band that are looking for shows please feel free to email the Last Stand Promotions email account at I hope that reading this will inspire someone!! <===========

The Life of A Young Promoter =)

Honestly….no introduction is needed.

Just read….


[[ To All who are reading. ]]

         My name is Dillon Asencio

and I am a 19 year old college student from The Bronx. I have been on the cross-country and track & field team for my high school and I have won a few academic awards in college, but what my friends and family know me most for is my promotion company, Last Stand Promotions. Since I was about 14years old I started going to a lot of local and big rock concerts and was instantly fascinated with the music, people, and culture. I often heard about bands speaking badly about promoters and how they usually treat bands and fans bad and how they really can’t be trusted when it comes time to distribute money. One day as I was talking to my friend Frankie from the band Animals & Architects I said to him, “dude…i feel like making a myspace page to promote local bands, i think it’ll be pretty cool lol”. He agreed with the idea and from there I made a myspace page and started posting upcoming band’s shows on it, new eps, and posting pictures of the bands who supported the page on the left side. With more support from local bands including Airismine, Drew Torres, Safe To Say, and BellaDonna, the page got more known and more bands were beginning to message me on myspace to post their band’s picture on the page and help them promote their shows and sell tickets and in return they would post statuses about the page to get people to add me as a friend. About 1year after the page was created I decided to put together my first show at Bowery Poetry Club with the help of my friend Jamez Santiago who now runs Last Stand Promotions with me.

         Ever since then I began putting together multiple shows in Bowery Poetry Club, 1show in Don Hills, and 2free outdoor acoustic shows. Every show I do I try to put together a diverse group of bands ranging from hardcore, pop punk, acoustic, and more and I try to draw as many kids to the show as I possibly can. In the beginning I was just learning the basics about what it means to be a good and fair promoter but after 3years of doing this Jamez and I have seemed to just have caught on to a lot of things. This past semester I have stretched Last Stand Promotions into being Last Stand Radio and I was able to bring the same culture and music onto my school internet radio station for others to listen to and become familiar with.  I have seen Last Stand Promotions grow over the years and even though it is still young and I still have a lot to learn about being a promoter, Last Stand Promotions has grown a tremendous amount. From a myspace page just posting pics of bands and upcoming shows, to being an active promotion company, to being an internet radio show. Oh I also forgot to mention, I’ve never paid money for a show! The venues were I have booked shows all allowed me to pay for the space and the bands from the money collected by people from the door, no money was spent from my pocket. You just have to find that one venue who’s manager understands what you are doing and what this means to you and you can work out a deal like this.

 To whoever may be reading this, please understand that you don’t have to be rich and have a huge load of connections to become successful. Just take something that excites you, something that inspires you, and something that drives you and you can take your imagination and run with it. Start off slow, be active and efficient, then rise up better each time. If you find something you truly feel passionate about you can make anything happen. People will always tell you “you can’t do this” or tell you what you “should know” about whatever it is you want to do but the most important thing is what you know.Educate yourself and look towards others who have made it were you want to go and be better than them. Don’t look at them and say “I want to be just like them” you should say “I want to be better than them”. Learn from them but don’t mimic anyone because you have your own dream and passion and you can take it where ever you want it go.

 I would like to thank Tiffany Chase for allowing me to share my experience being in Last Stand Promotions, Jamez Santiago for helping me run Last Stand Promotions, Frankie, Stephanie Venegas both who encouraged the idea and continue to support Last Stand Promotions, and Andrew Giordano and Ralph Kiszakiewicz from wmsvradio who allowed me to take the culture and create Last Stand Radio. If anyone has any questions about anything please feel free to contact me at or my facebook page Dillon Asencio. If you are in a rock band or know a band that are looking for shows please feel free to email the Last Stand Promotions email account at .

 I hope that reading this will inspire someone to work harder on achieving their dreams and finding something they are passionate about and turn it into a hobby or career.




WOW! What a story! I’ve known Dillon for about a year now and I have never heard this story before. I was immediately shocked when I read it. Who knew that my friend went through this spectacular process. He definitely embodies what this campaign is all about. Just to reiterate his main point, remember guys – you do not have to be this rich, hotshot celebrity to live life to its fullest. P Diddy, Kirk Franklin, and Donald Trump started somewhere. Humble beginnings and honest follow throughs are what life should be about. I know I’m inspired!