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Bayley P. In The Spotlight

Ever heard of our BBA Program? Or our RealLife Series? Or maybe even our Creative Projects Director position? Yeah? Well awesome! But if you haven’t, the person behind these projects and the one who holds this position, is none other than Ms. Bayley P. She is a vital part of Voice4Society as one of our directors but has also moved her Hope Alive Ministry under Voice4Society for a year. Here’s a little more about her:
My name is Bayley P. I have been a Christian my whole life. My parents are very devote Christians. I have always had a ministry mind-set instilled in me by my parents. Every Christmas for about five years, I would purchase gifts for a local homeless shelter to benefit Magi Ministry, an organization that my mom founded. In September of 2011 when the starvation in Somalia, Africa hit the news, I wanted to do something to help. I was going to start Save Our Friends Together or S.O.F.T. I would have concerts and sell bracelets and tee-shirts to raise money for food to help those children. I decided to start a ministry of a different kind that would reach more people and benefit them at the same time. I wanted to start a ministry that would inspire Christians called Hope Alive Ministry.

I am 20 years old and I started Hope Alive Ministry on Facebook in January of 2012. I felt that God has laid it on my heart to inspire fellow Christians. I have grown up as a Christian my whole life and I saw some Christians turning away from the church in hard times.I am not perfect; I still have a lot to learn. However I believe that through the grace of God, anything is possible! I wanted to inspire them to continue to trust God even during those challenging times. I called it Hope Alive Ministry because through inspiring Christians I desire for hope to be in their hearts through the grace of God.

My ministry started out as just inspiring Christians through providing biblical quotes, Christian songs, and stories. I then started posting pages about sick children that I follow. This has since grown into a desire and a calling to inspire Christians all over the world and not just through Facebook. H.A.M. will function under Voice4Society for now under my direction. The first assignment under Voice4Society will be 13 electronic newsletters delivered to your email’s inbox every Friday at 1 PM EST starting today, January 4, 2013.
Please email me at if you are interesting in receiving these newsletters. You may subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. It’s free to do so.
For more information about Hope Alive Ministry, please “like” it on Facebook at, follow it on Blogger at, or email me at
Thank You and God Bless You Today & Always!
~Bayley P. Visionary/Creator behind Hope Alive Ministry

Crystal’s Story : Overcomer By The Blood of The Lamb

Need some encouragement today?

Here it is!!



My name is Crystal Holdipp.
From a little girl there has been an attack to destroy my life. Around the age of 3 years old my mind was disturbed, I stopped eating and ended up in the hospital. It’s like the enemy was trying to keep my captive even from little.

Growing up from a child I often got teased and bullied a lot. People would tease me about my looks and who I am. Low self-esteem began to develop as I felt I was not good enough. Throughout my formal education I had learning challenges where I struggled academically, was in learning support and was retained in primary school. This didn’t make me feel good as I felt I wasn’t smart. I wanted to be accepted by people and have friends just like any other child or teen so I started to do things to please my friends so if they wanted me to do things for them that I didn’t want to do or I felt uncomfortable with I still did it. As a teenager I struggled with depression because of the academic failure and the disappointment I felt about it.

I would come home depressed and often would have emotional breakdowns where I would frequently break down and cry and feel so much hurt. As a teenager I grew up with a poor self – image of myself and didn’t love myself and lacked confidence. These things would show up in the tasks that I would do and they way I would carry myself. A fear began to develop in me and I held a resistance to allow God to move in my life so I built up walls to keep God and everyone out. I have struggled with things like social anxiety, anxiety, depression, low -self esteem and learning deficiencies.

Though I still have my struggles, I have begun to break out of the shell that I had been living in. By God’s grace the egg shell is cracking and the pieces are falling apart piece by piece.

~Crystal Holdipp
I have an article written more about my story with anxiety and depression. Here’s the link:

I have a website that you can check out to know more about me and my journey. My website address is:

YOW! Wilburne Mathurin in the HOUSE! (Part 2)

IF you missed part 1, you can check it out in our “People Like You” category….but here is part 2!

On Christmas day December 2006, my father died of liver failure due to his body succumbing to his past alcoholic indulgences. Though we were not very close, I still felt a part of me die when he died. It was really difficult at first, but as the years have gone by, I have gotten over the pain. At times, I still feel miserable because I didn’t get that important male figure in my life and sometimes regret not spending more time with him before he passed. On the lighter side, one thing I remember my father telling me about my music is that if I can sing like the artistes out there, that I’ll make it.

I left the Cathedral Junior Choir in May 2009 and started releasing some of my original gospel songs at a couple of studios island-wide. My first single was entitled “Wannah Know” which addresses the issue of crime and violence which my country is experiencing up to this very day. This was recorded at the Smart Studio by Hugh “Ziggy” James on my birthday, in 2009. The song was released in early 2010. Not too long after, I recorded my second single “I’ve Been Through” which was a song written from a personal influence speaking about the struggles which I face as a christian and how I try not to fall again by giving into temptation. This song was recorded at the studio of conscious reggae artiste Werner “Semi” Francis and arranged at Daniel’s Den Studio by Danyl Daniel who is the same age with me.  One of my later songs “Looking Around”, was recorded at BBlunt Studio by my table tennis partner Michael “ShortmanB” John in October 2011 but was released in May 2012. I also recorded a song by ShortmanB entitled “trying to Live” which is the latest of my singles to be released.


As a solo artiste, I have performed at the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) Telethon in May 2011 at the Gaiety Night Club, the 10,000 man march in June 2011 at the Marchand grounds, the anniversary of the victims of hurricane Tomas in october 2011 in Soufriere, Youthfest in December 2011 in Vieux Fort, the Resistance Youth Concert in April 2012 at the Vigie Multi-Purpose Complex, and the NCF Telethon in May 2012 all of which my services were free of charge.  I have just began living out the dream, but not fully. I work at the Bank of Saint Lucia full-time but continue to aspire on this dream though the production costs are quite high and I haven’t began reaping the monetary benefits from my songs as yet. By God’s grace, I will become a full-time gospel artiste if He wills.

Sidenote: We are proud of you Wilburne!

YOW! Wilburne Mathurin in the HOUSE! (Part 1)

SO! As you all know, I am always looking for the next BIG thing when it comes to up-and-coming youth leaders worldwide. Through searching and keeping my eyes open on our social media sites, I came across a young man with a powerful story. Interested in music? Stay tuned!

Hello, I am 23 year old Wilburne Henry Mathurin from the island of Saint Lucia, located in the Caribbean. I was born on November 7, 1988 in Castries. I was raised in a single parent household as my father and mother were divorced when I was about 7 years of age. I have a sister who is 8 years older than I am and 3 older half brothers whom I have a little contact with. From a young age before my mother and father were divorced, my father was getting ready to take my sister and myself to school. I had a toy recorder and picked it up and played “Mary Had a Little Lamb” without ever playing it before, or anyone teaching it to me. From then, my musical air was apparent. At about 7, I began singing at my infant school, St. Aloysius R.C. Boys’ Infant School, during morning prayer sessions through the intercom and later on sang for my First Communion. I sang in front of the entire congregation by myself. From that moment, one of the priests, Fr. Theo, then gave me the title “The Singer” and would often call me to sing in front of the church on Sundays.

Around that time, I was obsessed with microphones and always used to ask my mother to buy one for me.  My enthusiasm for music increased, but my spirituality wasn’t all there as yet. I began listening to dub music as it was the common trend for boys at my school. When I was about 12, I joined the youth choir at church “Cathedral Junior Choir” and subsequently joined my school choir “Babonneau Secondary School Choir” where I sharpened my skills in singing. I later joined another choir but didn’t stay for long “National Youth Choir”. When I was about 15 years, old, I attended a summer programme with a church group from Trinidad and Tobago called “The People of Praise”. They held several sessions with the youth of my parish of which one of the topics was the music the young people listen to and the impact that music plays in one’s life. From there, I made a conscious decision to put aside worldly music and start using my gifts for the Lord.

In 2006, I went to Trinidad to visit the “People of Praise” along with the Cathedral Junior Choir. We did a “Life in the Spirit Seminar” which was very fruitful as everyone in attendance benefitted greatly. This happened around Easter time in 2006. The Holy Spirit was truly present and many received gifts such as the gift of prophecy and the gift of tongues. At first, this experience was kind of difficult for me as I saw everyone around me being touched and I wasn’t feeling anything. Later on, my choir had to sing “You Raise Me Up” and I had to sing a verse in it. Since it was short notice, I had a book with the words written down singing from it.

When we came into the chorus after that verse, something in me just clicked. It was not me singing again. My eyes unwillingly began to shut, and I couldn’t control myself. My heart burned within me cause I could feel the holy presence over me. This indeed was the best experience I’ve ever had in my life. Up to this day when I sing at times, this happens; not exactly as in Trinidad, but I still feel the presence and my eyes still shut unwillingly. From that moment, I started composing for the Lord seriously. And here I am today starting my dream of becoming a full-time gospel artiste. My philosophy is that people can listen to gospel music and music which conscious messages and still enjoy it. The song doesn’t need obscenities or immoral messages to enhance it. So I’m determined to give each song 110% to make sure the listener both enjoys it, and more importantly, gets the message.

 Stay Tuned for Part 2 Coming Up Next Week!!

Emphysema and COPD Basketball Tournament Charity Event (Behind the Scenes)

Behind-the-Scenes Interviews

-With Ari R. & Shannon D.

 Remember when I said I was going to get the stories about this event? Well, I did ! Check out these two interviews!

V4S: What was your role in today’s event?
Shannon D: I helped to organize. We needed to get the venue and try to draw interest.
V4S: How did you learn about it?
Shannon D: Ari- He asked me if I wanted to help him throw a charity event for his mother. I said yea.
V4S: What motivated you to get involved?
Shannon D: It felt like the right thing to do.
V4S: Do you believe that today was a success or do you feel like it could have been better?
Shannon D: I wanted Jeremy Lin to come through but other than that I thought it was a success. A good amount of people came to support. Also the faculty took an interest in helping especially with acquiring the use of the gym.
V4S: If you could tell Mrs. Rada anything right now, knowing she would hear you, what would it be?
Shannon D: You are loved and missed. Your son is forever grateful to have you as a mother.