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Here I talk about the social advocacy events I attended: The reason behind attending it, why you should or shouldn’t attend a similar one in the future, & extra info neccessary for the reader :) I want your input on events you have attended as well!

Walk to End Epilepsy: Catie B. in the Spotlight

Hey guys!

SO I’ve been vibing recently with my good friend Catie B. over at Iona College. As a senior, she is nearing the end of her college career. However, she’s going out with a bang! Organized with some friends, she’s managed to gain the support of tons of people for this rad cause! What’s epilepsy you ask?

Here’s the Wiki definition I found:

It is a “common and diverse set of chronic neurological disorders characterized by seizures”.

Do you understand why we need to get involved in the fight to end epilepsy? You do? Great! So come on out to the event! There will be raffles, prizes, and musical entertainment from local artistes like Pierre Eliezer! (Remember him from last summers Social Change Campaign? He wrote the bomb article on Musical Evangelism).

If you are in the New Rochelle, N.Y. area this Friday – come support! It starts at 6pm and is supposed to end at 8pm, but who says you can’t stay longer? Don’t miss out on the fun! 

Unfortunately, I can’t attend the event because I have to set up for a community coat drive the following morning BUT this event has the Voice4Society “Stamp of Approval!” Get involved and have some fun. Connect with some passionate people. Never know what can happen. Never underestimate the power of a social event, especially when it’s for a good cause!

Check out the event on Facebook :

Wanna know where the proceeds of the event are going to? You should! So check it out here:

Need more information?

Here is the contact information:

Catie B. ::

If you went, or you support this event, let me know in the comments section below! 🙂

Til’ Next Time…Stay Inspired!

~Tiffany J.

Christmas Outreach!

GREAT NEWS GUYS! ♥ We got confirmation from our friends, The Future Society Inc., about their Christmas outreach! The Future Society Inc. is known for their charismatic, loving, and very positive mentoring approach to underprivileged youth in Mount Vernon, N.Y. They are no stranger to the city and have a passion (and an amazing history) for changing this generation.

(Fun Fact: They are one of the reasons that Voice4Society was created! I met with them one Christmas season in City Hall to see if they would be a good organization to partner with. Back then, I was in college and the president of my Criminal Justice club on campus. Their depth of information and positivity inspired me to follow my dreams & start making a difference. Thus, Voice4Society was born !)

We will be collecting books and toys to give to kiddies in day cares in Mount Vernon ♥ We’ve worked with them in the past & they are a bunch of awesome folks! We are going to set a goal of 100 contributions. Whether it is a book or toy, it will be counted as a contribution. So….. for those of you in the NY area – this is a great way to give back for Christmas! Remember – its’ the season of giving ❤ !

Let the games begin !!


AVON Breast Cancer Awareness Walk NYC 2012


Man oh man! What a great event.

Karie (the director of our public relations dept.) & I went to the event pumped!! It was so beautiful to see so many people come out to support a worthy cause. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, wives, mothers, best friends, babies, and doggies showed off their pink colored passion. A myriad of love and support was so thick, you just couldn’t help yourself.


Our role in the event was to cheer on walkers by Ralph Bunche Park. Haven’t been to that spot in years. 
It took us a while to navigate  through the concrete jungle but with the help of a friendly police officer and a mysterious older man (who also directed us to one of THE best views of nyc i’ve ever seen) we found the place!


There were too many highlights to count (including a super duper hug from the cutest toddler ever). *sidenote* Karie & I got about 5 hugs total ! We ended the day with some passion, shouts of joy, and of course- shopping.


Next time we go, we will find the finish line (only realized that we didn’t know where it was at the end of our shift) . Don’t judge us.
We’ll get better LOL
Thanks for all the love!

– Tiffany J.

PS: If you missed this event, there will be more! In the meantime, subscribe to our blog so you can always be in “the know!”


Emphysema and COPD Basketball Tournament Charity Event Pictures

Remember the Emphysema & COPD event I told you about earlier this year?

Well, here are the photos from the event!

It was truly a blessing to be a part of this event as a volunteer and a blogger.

Soon I will put up the story that inspired the event in the first place

DO NOT MISS THAT STORY! (It made me cry)











This is Tiffany J. Chase, signing off!

Emphysema and COPD Basketball Tournament Charity Event (Behind the Scenes)

Behind-the-Scenes Interviews

-With Ari R. & Shannon D.

 Remember when I said I was going to get the stories about this event? Well, I did ! Check out these two interviews!

V4S: What was your role in today’s event?
Shannon D: I helped to organize. We needed to get the venue and try to draw interest.
V4S: How did you learn about it?
Shannon D: Ari- He asked me if I wanted to help him throw a charity event for his mother. I said yea.
V4S: What motivated you to get involved?
Shannon D: It felt like the right thing to do.
V4S: Do you believe that today was a success or do you feel like it could have been better?
Shannon D: I wanted Jeremy Lin to come through but other than that I thought it was a success. A good amount of people came to support. Also the faculty took an interest in helping especially with acquiring the use of the gym.
V4S: If you could tell Mrs. Rada anything right now, knowing she would hear you, what would it be?
Shannon D: You are loved and missed. Your son is forever grateful to have you as a mother.