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Here I talk to about the life I live as an advocate for community and youth justice. I share the trials, tribulations, lessons, and advice I have for the next generation to lean from. We learn from each other and grow from each other. Share your stories with me too!

Hello Out There?

I know… I owe so many of you an explanation. Specifically, where did I go and why I disappeared for about a year or more. Or maybe you just happened to stumble across this random post on the internet and are genuinely interested in this apology. Well, here goes…

I’ve been away for the longest doing  ALOT of soul searching and alot of reflection. It’s been a very lonely journey in keeping up Voice4Society, Inc. Every time I started this page up, I would quickly get into the whole “grass is greener syndrome”… you know, the one where everyone else seems to be killing it and then here you are, on your own, just not really doing much… or at least that’s how it felt. Unfotunately, I didn’t seek the help I needed to just talk to people and get the social therapy I desperately needed. Depression and defeat quickly set in and everytime I thought about this group – “FAILURE” just kept jumping out at me. I would just shut this down and shut it out of my life but it always lingered in the background that there was more to be done… that this wasn’t the end. Many of you have been involved in Voice4Society for such a long time (Read: years) and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you all. It’s because of your love and support that I continued as much as I possibly could.

During my time of reflection, I came to terms with something that is both a strength and a weakness of mine. I’m a starter. An igniter. I love to get the ball rolling and to spark new creative ideas but keeping it going is where the issue lies. It quickly develops into this situation where I go overboard, do too much, over-promise, and then under-deliver. For that, I am truly sorry. I have never once thought of you guys as stepping stones to success (let’s be clear on that). The issue has always just been that it’s been too much for a one-woman team. While a few have stepped up and come alongside me to help build the brand, I’ve always ended up encouraging them to go their own path and build their successes in their own right. I want to see people thrive and find their voice in this lifetime and generation and become positive worldchangers, especially when it comes to God.

I’ve strayed so far from what the original intent was for Voice4Society and I want to get back to that place. That place is simply to use this platform for good, for education, to advance the Gospel, to equip and empower youth leaders, to bring me + those around me closer to Christ, and in the face of adversity and questioning, to be as authentic and transparent as I possibly can… something I struggle with. I know that may cost me many followers and family members (because that’s how I see you all) but that is my cross to bear in an effort to stay true to me and what I believe I have been called to do.

If this is the last post you ever read from me, just know that I love you and I am so eternally grateful for you life. Thank you for all you have done and all your support thus far. It has not been in vain. I hope you stick around and see what comes out of this instead and how it gets turned around but I understand if this is no longer what you want. I can’t stop you from leaving but I can say that here will always be a home for you. If you have decided to continue to stay along on this journey, then YAY! We’re going to have so much fun and I hope that you not only become a silent observer but an active one. Let’s talk. Let’s communicate. Let’s share this journey of being a Christian together. Let’s discuss. Let’s really be real and raw with one another in an effort to strengthen our faith together. Let’s do this.





Dedicated to my loving husband – a man who made it safe for me to be vulnerable and finally come out + be unapologetically me.




By, Tiffany J.


Voice4Society, Inc. reaches over 90 countries around the world. We’re privileged to meet people from all different cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, and backgrounds. With that said, we also recognize that the freedoms we have in America aren’t shared equally in other countries. This is why we need to utilize the freedom we are given to its maximum potential. Every American is given a fair chance to make a difference in the way our government operates.

The power of vote is not one we should take lightly. We have an obligation to make a difference….a real, honest, and crucial difference in our country. There are folks dying around the world for that right.

Today is Election Day and we can vote into power people who can drastically turn this country around, starting with our individual communities. Don’t take that for granted! Go to the polls today and vote. If you’re like me, and have sent in your absentee ballot ahead of time, good for you! It still counts just as much as if you were going to the polls today.

Do it before work, before school, after work, after school, during your lunch hour – it doesn’t matter when – just DO IT! Let your voice be heard loud and clear today. When you vote, take a picture of yourself and post it on our Facebook page or on Instagram and tag us in it. Our social media platforms are below this message. We want to say how proud we are of you by reposting it to all our followers!

So what are you waiting for?



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He’s Alive!


We celebrate the one true King! Risen! Lord of All! He died for us so we could be free. A sacrifice indeed. Oh, how we love Him. Jesus is magnificent in all His splendor. We are ever so grateful for the Blood He shed for us on Calvary. It’s because He was selfless that we could truly live.

If you don’t have a church home, please feel free to visit mine! I attend Family Christian Center in New Rochelle, NY. Services start at 9am & 11:30am. There is ample parking in the back & a fantastic Childrens Church and Teen Church for your youngsters to attend. We’d love to have you! Don’t forget to praise the Lord today!!


As Always,
Stay Inspired!
-Tiffany J.

Respect on a Bus

Once again, I’ve witnessed the respect of Black young men when they are called out on their behavior. I take public transportation on a regular basis (okay, okay – everyday) so I see many things. These moments give me a chance to do some personal research into the minds of the youth (listening is such a powerful tool). This evening, I happened to encounter a different set of travelers since I caught the late express bus home. Seated at the back were a bunch of teenage guys who, in all honesty, were getting reckless in their conversation. Once the topic switched to sexual encounters (and rather detailed encounters, I may add) a woman called them out on their derogatory statements. They stopped immediately and switched to another topic. With all the negative posts about black young men floating around cyberspace, I felt a duty to share this.

This isn’t to say they will change the world from that conversation but it does mean that all hope isn’t “lost”. To me, I don’t care what anyone says, I am extremely hopeful for my generation, especially in the Black community. Situations like this makes me proud to work in the field of youth mentorship.

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Holiday Blog Tour: Fourth Stop

Welcome to our blog stop on the Google Play Winter Giveaway!  Author Marilynn Dawson is giving away one PDF copy of her books each week until the end of January 2014.  This Giveaway is in celebration of her next release, “Dressed for Eternity” which will launch in February 2014.  You can read a sample of that book here:

Today, we get to feature Volume Four of her series, “Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey”.  This is a 6 volume set with a Leader’s Guide; 14 chapters spread across the volumes, with Volume Four containing a rather lenghty Chapter 10.  The back cover of Volume Four has this to share:

“I was recently reminded of why I choose to lose myself in moments of praise and worship regardless of my circumstances. It is only when I take my eyes off what is going on around this home and put them on Christ, that I can engage in and experience feelings of joy, gratitude and love, and seek to touch my Lord’s heart. It is so comforting, so reassuring and so quieting, that God overlooks what seem to me to be such faltering, failing attempts to love those around me, and yet seek to love me Himself in such incredible ways.”

Becoming the Bride of Christ chronicles Marilynn’s personal journey as she learn to live with God as unseen Husband and Father in the home. It’s about learning to appropriate many Scriptural concepts that we’ve overly spiritualized, and bringing them down to where life is lived every day. This book can be read as an account of the lessons God’s actively teaching her, or it can be engaged in as a personal or group Bible study. There is quite a bit of Scripture in every chapter, as well as questions to help a person appropriate these lessons into their own life. One of her goals is to share a story that men as well as women can read and glean from. Too often it seems presentations on the Bride of Christ have been geared toward women when Scripture says the Church, who is referred to as the Bride of Christ, is made up of men and women. Marilynn write from a women’s perspective of course, but it’s her desire that men will be able to gather helpful insight, not just women. After all, we are all called to live out the commands of Christ in our everyday life.

You are welcome to read an excerpt from Volume Four at this url here:

Marilynn is giving away a copy of Volume Four on December 29th.  As the giveaway is happening on Google Play, you will need a Google account email address to be eligable for the drawing.  Enter via Rafflecopter below:
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Disclaimer:  The cool thing about taking part in this blog tour, is that I get a copy of this week’s book too!  We both win!