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What better way to get involved in your favorite charity or passion than by diving into it? Speakers will be sharing the ways they have decided to bring their passion to life. Starting with campaigns, events, or simply supporting – they have alot to offer to you and the world around them. Hear what they have to say !

Hope Life

Founders of Hope Life
Founders of Hope Life

Interest in Voice4Society:

We were interested in Voice4Society for the very reason of what you all are doing for your communities. It is imperative that our youth have a place to turn. We believe juveniles act out in an attempt to seek help. It starts in the home and continues within our communities. It takes a village to raise a child and we definitely commend Voice4Society for offering that support!



Hope Life is a non-profit lifestyle brand based in Atlanta that was started in November of 2013 by us, Arielle Thomas and Kristin Sutton, as we both shared a desire to connect with individuals who are faced with life’s day-to-day challenges. We promote giving back through socially conscious fashion. Both of us have an extensive background in retail merchandising and styling, so we wanted to combine our love for fashion with our calling to help others. We decided to create Hope Life because of those reasons; it allows us to spread awareness in a stylish manner. By providing quality apparel and accessories, we are able to assist individuals who are in need. Proceeds raised through all merchandise sales are used to touch the lives of men, women, and children who are impacted by homelessness, domestic violence, and mental health concerns. To date, we have been able to supply almost 60 individuals with packages filled with food as well as other basic necessities for survival. We desire to continue to be able to connect with less fortunate individuals on the streets of our communities by uplifting and letting them know that there is someone who will love and care for them.


Future Activities:

We are currently working on building our outreach and counseling programs so that we can provide an extensive amount of care to individuals, above providing them with basic necessities. We believe that the most important aspect of an individual’s well being begins with their thoughts and attitudes. We aim to provide a wealth of resources to these individuals that will assist in building a better tomorrow!

Arielle w/ Mike, a 76 year old homeless man who we met! We were able to provide Mike with food for a few days as well as some items to keep him warm!



Social Media links:

Our website is We can be found on IG, Twitter, YouTube @hopelifeorg and on Facebook (our Fan Page) at!



You guys rock!!!! Great job & keep up the amazing work! V4S Family, make sure you check out everything they are doing on their social media sites. They are two ladies on a mission to change the world!


Thanksgiving with iROC

Below please find a little about who we are. More information about us can be found on our website as well at

iROC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization who mission is to provide children and families within the community a vast amount of resources, to nurture, mold and develop a superior view and understanding of the importance of intelligence. Along this mission our goal is to Intelligently Redefine Our Culture. We believe that iROC, an innovative, thought provoking, empowering, dual educational mentorship and resource initiative is the anchor that our community’s needs in order to break the perpetual negative views and understandings of our culture.

iROC aspires to implement five core components by the year 2016 which include:
Soup Kitchen (located in Camden-CAFÉ: Camden Assisting with Food Enrichment)
Mentorship Program (dual educational)
HIV/Aids Out Reach Program
Financial Literacy
Age Out Homeless Shelter for Teens (Camden & Philadelphia Locations)

iROC Team

Thanksgiving with Victorious1 Heart and Soul Foundation

I love working in the nonprofit sector!

I get to witness the generosity of those in our communities.

Voice4Society would like to highlight Victorious1 Heart and Soul Foundation for the work that they did on Thanksgiving Day.

Check out the pictures they sent us!

Mission for the Day: Victorious1 Heart and Soul Foundation out in the community giving back by volunteering to help feed the homeless at Pilgrim Rest MB Church on the Westside of Chicago for their annual Thanksgiving Feeding.


Director Myra M. serving food

wpid-20131123_120044.jpg Attendees of the event

Victorious1 Heart and Soul Foundation founded by Victoria Mack is a non-profit organization on a mission to help ease Poverty and Help End Homelessness to kids, teens and adults within the Chicagoland area and in the New York area by providing food, clothing, housing assistance, medical assistance, job and educational assistance.

If you want to get involved with them, check out their contact information below:


Twitter: @V1HeartAndSoul


Thank you Victoria for the great pictures!

Many blessings on your organization!

Thanksgiving with “Martha’s Table”

Did you have a great Thanksgiving Day?

Well these guys did!

Check out the amazing work that one of our supporters got involved with.

Once you’re done reading, pay them a visit on the website!

“Martha’s Table (founded in 1980) is a non-profit organization, an active charity and volunteer center in Washington, D.C. The mission of Martha’s Table is to “transform lives by engaging the community in developing sustainable solutions to poverty,” and to “meet core needs of clients with education, nutrition, clothing, and family support programs that prepare young people, from infancy through adulthood, for a promising future. My name is Akanni Oyegbola, a student volunteer here at Martha’s Table. I learned about Martha’s table after leaving my grad school class one evening. I was in route home to N.W. DC and noticed a van handing out hot meals to the less fortunate on 2nd a H street N.E. Washington D.C. Intrigued by what I saw driving past the mobile soup kitchen known as “McKenna’s Wagon” I immediately went home an googled the name on the side of the van to look for where this organization was located. I was pleased to find out that its office was located not too far from my house in N.W. Washington D.C. From that day on, I have volunteered my time to Martha’s Table.”

Check out the great pics Akanni sent us!





If you want to learn more about this organization and to see how you can get involved, please check out their contact information below.


Keep up the great work Akanni!

Martha’s Table:

2114 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009
(202) 328-6608