About Us


When Jesus walked on Earth, he spent His time with people from all walks of life.

He showed them compassion, love, and understanding.

My vision is to extend that same love to our generation because they desperately need it.

 I have made it my mission to fuel the fire of youth leaders and encourage their potential so they can address needs of their community.

WriterZone, better known as #TeamWZ, is specifically targeted towards the youth and their community.

By using our creative energy, regardless of the outlet, we can change the world.

WriterZone is all about finding your voice, harnessing its power, and releasing it to the world to make a positive difference.

When we silence our voices, we silence the power of God to change any circumstance, any situation, any thing that affects our lives.

We each have a voice.
We each have a heart.
We each have a life to live.
We have experiences to share.
We each have love to give.

So for this reason, I have launched WriterZone. – a worldwide campaign to advocate for our generation!

As Always,

Stay Inspired!

– Tiffany J. Chase

Executive Director


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