My Mission for 2017

Author: Savannah D. Miller

I used to bubble over in excitement for New Year’s Day. For me, it meant a new semester was coming with a new opportunity to start over. However recently, I read an article from author Jon Acuff that mentioned people do not need to wait until a new year begins to work on themselves. I thought this was a great point. Nevertheless, I love to make the ol’ New Year’s Resolutions list.


Below are 3 of my main resolutions for 2017: 


1. Learn a language.

This one I’ve been trying to do on my own for a while and I never know which place to go to that I can trust. Google translate is not always the best (Never trust Google, it’s always saying I have cancer). I went to the Half-Priced Book Store and got some pretty decent stuff so I’m very hopeful for this year! I am hopeful this will be the year I can make this dream a reality! 

2. Mission Trip!

I have always wanted to attend a mission trip and recently I stumbled across one for Japan that looks great. My friend and I would love to attend this one. Fingers crossed! I pray it works out but if it does not, it is okay. There are always local trips that can fill our time until we get the opportunity to go abroad. Wherever God sends me is cool with me! 

3. Prepare for Foster Kids.

This one is jam-packed with excitement (and work!). Some of the items on my to-do list includes: obtaining suitable housing for fostering children, getting my bakery up and running, maintaining a steady cash flow, and completing my final paperwork. I definitely have my work cut out for me but I know it will all be worth it.

I am excited for what 2017 holds and I am so grateful for all the things I learned in 2016.

Happy New Year and I hope you all accomplish your goals as well!




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