Author: Savannah D. Miller

My family does not celebrate Christmas and we just cannot seem to get into the swing of Hanukkah. We do not have Jewish friends that live near us so we tend to get overwhelmed with how to celebrate the holiday. 

Millermas started right after we received an eviction notice years ago. At the time, our parents were going through a long divorce. It was certainly a rough time, but it was nice. Our dad was gone, our mom was working, and we watched old Saturday Night Live re-runs with Eddie Murphy. In particular, we watched the episode where his landlord gave him an eviction notice. It was funny to see it and know how not “funny-funny” (ironic?) it was.

Myron was our mom’s fiancé (at the time), which is where we get the “Miller” part of “Millermas”. After about 5 years, we have this unique holiday down to a science:


We eat dinner on December 25th and laze around the house watching classics like Jack Frost and Santa’s Coming to Town (because I like Heat and Cold Miser). We always eat beef pigs-in-a-blanket and Kentucky Pie. The pie is shaped like a cookie. After you take out the nuts and the crust, you’re basically left with a cookie in a pie tin (at least that’s what the recipe boils down to).

We shop on the 26th and take advantage of the Christmas sales. The entire day is spent running from our parents and only meeting up to visit another store or to eat. Afterwards, we come home and split the gifts up so everyone gets time to wrap the presents with Mom. Myron watches the other kids and puts up the decorations.

On the 27th, we trash the beautiful wrapping (the same one we worked so hard on to make neat and beautiful) and get to the good stuff – the present inside. We bask in our gifts, which hopefully include a pair of socks that makes skating across the hardwood floor easier.


This year, we are moving it to the weekend. That way, we can have our entire family together and accommodate everyone’s busy schedule. It is nice to have something that is affordable and is flexible enough as a plan to work in different situations. It really is our favorite thing.


Happy Millermas, Everyone!


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