Is The Struggle Real?

If you’re struggling with something this morning, know that this isn’t the end.

This too shall pass.

Don’t forget the battles you won last year. Keep moving forward. He’s with you always until the very end. If you’re struggling with the same things as last year, look at your approach. The Israelites spent 40 years wandering around the desert. If they only shifted their focus, that journey could have taken significantly less time.

Don’t miss your blessing because you fail to understand the importance of change. It’s inevitable but what remains constant, the same, secure, and steadfast is our Heavenly Father. He is always and will always be there. Leave your struggles at the altar and pick up peace instead. Cast your burdens on Him, He loves you! You think He wants to see you struggling? No my love. He doesn’t. He wants you free and pursuing your purpose. Don’t ever forget that. Your God is bigger than your problems.





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