He Knows

Author: Kelly Shor

[ESV] Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

Our God is Almighty and All-Powerful. He created the heavens, the earth and everything within it. By His right hand, He stretched out the heavens. He knows the number of stars and calls them each by their name. We can rest confidently in the fact that Our God knows all. We must not forget that He is a God of purpose. It resides in everything He has created, including (and especially) human beings. Before we were created, He knew us, who we would become, and assigned each of us a specific purpose. Psalms 139 reminds us that we cannot run away from the presence of the Lord because He knows everything we are facing. He sees when we sleep and when we wake up. He knows when we travel and when we return home. He knows when we are hungry and when we cry. He knows all of this because we are important to Him. We are His special possession and He loves us.

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If God can take care of the birds in the sky, who neither plants nor harvest grains, how much more you?

He is more than able to take care of your every need. You simply need to trust and believe in His capabilities. Jesus emphasized this point in Matthew 6:25-30. God is more than able to supply your everyday needs but first you need to seek Him. The creation of your being means a plan was set in place. Included in that plan is every resource you need to help you fulfill your divine purpose.

The book of 1st Kings 17:9-16 tells us an interesting story about a widow who lived in Zarephath (otherwise known as the Widow of Zaraphath). During her time, a famine struck her community and no rain or dew was present. As a result, this widow and her son had very little to eat and were preparing to die. To her surprise, the Lord sent the Prophet Elijah to feed the widow. The little food she thought would not last, ended up sustaining her for a long time.

photo courtesy of Michael Berger

Always remember that God is a provider and has everything in abundance. What you need from Him is readily available in your inheritance through Christ Jesus. Do not worry or be dismayed for He watches everything, just as a Shepherd watches His sheep. However, things need to be in place before you receive from His throne of abundance. You must seek Him first and His kingdom will be added unto you. Pursuing the opposite will not work. Secondly, trust His Word. Have faith in His abilities and His promises. He will never fail you because He is faithful to no end.


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