Developing & Instilling Healthy Habits In Our Children

Author: Sifiso Mtshali

We live in a world where we constantly rush to meet our daily goals. Amidst the chaos, we seek the answer to the ever-present question “How do we incorporate healthy eating habits in our busy schedules?” In an effort to catch up with our fast paced lives, it is easy to opt for those easily accessible (but oftentimes bad for us) “Grab-N-Go” meals.

It is not only bad for us but also bad for those around us.


I have created a list with eight points that can really help people develop healthy eating habits at their own pace. These points are also simple enough that can be applied in our lives and the lives of others.

  • Keep fruits at home readily available in the areas you spend a lot of time in. We tend to consume food that is within our vicinity, healthy or not.
  • There is nothing wrong with a burger or pizza occasionally. Just remember to eat comfort foods in moderation.
  • Add more healthy foods to your grocery list because what we buy influences how and what we eat. Buy consciously.
  • Keep track of your spending by eliminating unnecessary food that adds no value to your health (e.g. chocolates, fizzy drinks, fatty foods). Work on lowering your consumption of these items.
  • Make a daily habit of throwing at least two vegetables in your meal preparation.
  • A common saying is “The more we know, the better we do”. This is very true. We are often misled by television commercials that give us incorrect information. Do your research by checking nutritional information on each purchased food product. Remain aware of your consumption practices.
  • Spend eating time together. Our influence stretches beyond us. Children look up to their parents who in turn must set a good example.  
  • Teach and talk about the benefits of healthy eating. We do not simply follow a set example blindly and the same applies to children. Inform, show, and teach.

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