Christlike Foster Care

Author: Kelly Shor

Foster care is a formal system through which a child is given care. A foster family can also care for abandoned children. The system oversees the lives of many kids, all who need love and proper upbringing, but few receive it. My biggest concern about the foster care system is that these kids grow up without the knowledge of Christ. The Bible says “to train up a child in the way (s)he should grow so that (s)he does not depart from it”. That means it is possible for children to depart from the Word of God if they are not trained well in a godly environment.

How can a child depart from the Word of God?

Girl Studying Bible

When children are not familiar with the Word, lack guidance from good mentors, or do not understand right from wrong, it can be hard for them to relate to their Heavenly Father. This can affect them negatively through acts of depression, stealing, sexual immorality, drinking, smoking, and the list goes on. These things are gateways for a hard life down the road, which is what the enemy desires.

Guiding children at a young age is imperative to creating a strong, stable, and effective generation. Having more Christian or Godly foster care systems can positively influence children to become better individuals. The more children are aware of Christ’s love for them is the less likely they will engage in negative behaviors. They will be more likely to change the world and serve as resourceful citizens of their communities. As they get older, the likelihood of engaging in criminal behavior will decrease.

Instead, they will shine as the Light the world desperately needs.Training them in their young age can help build their character that directly reflects the character of God (and those in the Kingdom).


I would suggest the creation of more Christian foster care systems. These structures would be opened and governed by churches. Passionate people who have a heart for this ministry niche could take up the opportunity to get involved. The vision would revolve around simply saving these children from a potentially broken and abusive future. With a vision of building world changers, these new systems would aid in teaching children their value and worth. Through these new structures, more children would come to Christ and accept His love, which has the power to transform anyone. 

The more Godly kids raised, the more likely Jesus Christ is proclaimed in the earth through them. Always remember that a child raised well becomes a leader.We all have the potential to raise leaders who can impact this world for Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Christlike Foster Care”

  1. How about just more Christians involved in foster care in the first place? whether it’s through a Christian organization or not?

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