My Purpose In Them

Author: Sheritha Singh

I lecture at a small community college in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa where most of my students are from poor families. Part of their learning experience at college involves working for at least two weeks during their winter break. Their grooming consists of professional dressing and general workplace etiquette guidelines.

For most of them, turning their learning experience into a permanent job is their dream. The best part is when an employer returns their call with a job offer, which gives them a chance to provide for their families.



I was created to educate this generation about all the opportunities available to them. This does not necessarily refer to making tons of money or driving the latest car, but instead understanding that all dreams are important. There is no one way to achieve them.

I strongly believe that my purpose is to guide the youth in achieving their dreams. You do not need to be “the boss” to make a difference. I absolutely love my job and I have no doubt that this is my life calling. 


What's Your Opinion?

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