School Survival Tips

Author: Wiem Askri

Dear Readers,

Wherever you are in this beautiful world, it’s Back-to-School time! I would love to share my 5 secrets for surviving the first day of school (…secrets I wish someone would have told me!)



  1. Smile. It is the best remedy for surviving a new situation. Just keep that beautiful smile on your face and understand that this is a new journey and experience, so enjoy it to the fullest!
  2. Never be afraid of trying new things. Choose new subjects. Meet new people while keeping in touch with your old friends. These tips will definitely help in overcoming new challenges. You might be surprised of how beneficial it is for you. Change can be overwhelming so try not to get lost in the process. 
  3. Be open-minded. Try not to judge people. You will make many new friends on your first day so keep it simple by having an open heart for everyone. That kid you find annoying could possibly turn out to be your best friend later on. You never know! First impressions can be misleading so keep an open mind and accept others.
  4. Set reasonable expectations so you can be well prepared. Too high an expectation can lead to disappointment. Remember, it is just another regular day.
  5. Have an organized schedule. It is never too early to set yourself on track. Being early is always advised so you can be well prepared for the rest of the week. Get that journal, create a schedule that works for you, and never forget to leave time for fun (and destressing, as needed)!

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