Back to Reality

Author: Kelly Shor

I always believed in keeping myself pure for ‘the one’. Even though I had friends who lost their virginity as early as 15 (and who pressured me to follow suit) I decided to patiently wait for Mr. Right.

Then, I met Nicholas.

He was a high school “heart throb”, with flawless golden brown skin and captivating chestnut brown eyes that made all the girls swoon. He had caramel crew cut hair, a dimpled bright smile, and a slender physique because of his basketball team practices. Being poised and proper made him stand out among his fellow mates. Girls practically threw themselves at him, but unlike his friends, he was not swept up in his popularity. You could tell Nicholas was different, which of course, made the girls want him even more.

We had the same classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Most times, we were stuck together as partners for one project or the other. When my friends heard we were paired up for an English class project, they freaked out. They acted as if he was a celebrity but who was I kidding? To us, Nicholas was a celebrity.

I was always nervous around him, not that he would be interested in me. I assumed I was not his “type” but being around him gave me the slightest bit of hope (at least, in my dreams). The good thing about being partners was that I had a chance to get to know him. We became friends after a while, although many mistook it for a relationship instead of a friendship. Thankfully, my friends, Nike and Fibi, were not wrapped up in the rumors and served as an emotional support for me.


He was everything I wanted in a boyfriend: caring, funny, sometimes childish, romantic, and loving. I felt Nicholas was the one I had been waiting for but I refused to tell him. I was simply scared of rejection (could you blame me?). Thankfully, we soon graduated from only hanging out after school to going to the movies, meeting at the park and even going shopping. We were not officially dating but it started to feel that way. I tried my very best to keep my emotions at bay, even though I could literally feel my heart pounding out of my chest. Although I wanted to know if he felt the same way, I did not ask if the feelings were mutual. A good friendship could be ruined over something like that.

Finally, my dreams became a reality and Nicholas and I started dating. Many girls envied me but I found comfort in the fact that Nicholas chose me to be his girlfriend. I was ready to give him everything in an effort to prove my genuine love… including my virginity. Thankfully, Nicholas brought me back to reality. See, he was a Christian too and reminded me that premarital sex was not right for us. He lovingly explained that love is not proven by sex. Instead, it is a sacrifice unto Christ and in the right season (i.e. marriage), a wonderful gift.

Nicholas and I eventually broke up three months later, on mutual terms. Though things did not work out between us, I am glad I met him. He really helped me understand my value and worth and reminded me that God’s timing is best. I am proud that I waited and overcame the peer pressure I encountered. This is a lesson I will cherish forever.


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