5 “Secrets” To Surving the First Day of Co-op

Author: Savannah D. Miller

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Home-School Co-Ops, they are places where homeschoolers go to learn about topics such as art, politics, writing, and public speaking. Fun lessons you do not necessarily need but are worth learning about. These lessons are fun, social, and allow everyone to have a break from their usual workload.


Here are 5 “secrets” from an introverted-extrovert on surviving the first day.

1)      Pretend you are normal…at least for the first two weeks. Use this time to observe your class and listen to what people are saying, especially those who are chatting with old friends (you would be surprised what you can pick up from these conversations!). After you find out some key things about these people, it might take some time to see whom you are compatible with, especially if you are an introvert.

2)      Bring only one notebook. Honestly speaking, the first day is all about ‘Who are you people?’ and more than likely, food. Unless you are going to an uptight co-op, you will only need this one item and a pen.

3)      Prepare to answer questions. “What’s your name? Where are you from? What’s your favorite cereal, band, and movie? How old are you? What’s the most interesting thing about you?” …you know, the normal stuff that freaks you out internally because, well, how do you answer these things?

4)      Bring your favorite fandom accessory. This is the one non-normal thing you can do. It helps to weed out people you are not compatible with. Technically, you could borrow some gear to weed out the creeper nerds, but it will probably backfire and attract them. Don’t wear Sailor Moon things if you don’t want the typical anime nerd to come after you. By “come after you”, I mean, they will probably stare at you and slowly get close enough to talk to you and when they do, they only talk about anime. I know this because I do this.

5)      Do not be afraid. Talk, play, do something. We do not normally bite. There are those days, but normally no.


Hopefully this helps!

Good Luck!


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