True Thanksgiving

Psalms 119:7 NLT
As I learn your righteous regulations, I will thank you by living as I should!

That ending jumped out at me this morning. How often do we get so tangled up in ourselves that we forget just how much God has done for us….and then when we remember, we send up a simple “Thanks” to Him.

True thanksgiving isn’t just verbal. True thanksgiving comes from within and is displayed and reflected through our actions. God calls us to live a holy life. Does that mean you wear buttoned up shirts to your ear and go around acting like a pilgrim? No. Does it mean you’re perfect and you’ll always get it right? Nope.

It means you surrender your will & adopt His until it becomes one with you. When you begin to live your life the way He ordained (which is always much much better than what you could come up with for your own self tbh), your level of thanksgiving begins to shift to a higher level.
Thank Him with the way you live & love the life He gave you. There is no better gift we can give to the Creator than that.

photo courtesy of Soul Shepherding
photo courtesy of Soul Shepherding

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