Humbling Moments at Work

One of my responsibilities at work includes being in charge of donation letters and making sure that anything received is properly accounted for and that all our donors are acknowledged. An elderly woman donated late last year in memory of her close friend. Both her and the husband of his late wife were acknowledged in a timely manner on my part. A few minutes ago I receive a call from her where she told me that the husband never received the letter. She was such a sweet soul and she clearly needed to talk to someone, not just about this but in general, so I just listened and talked to her. I reassured her that everything would be taken care of and that the acknowledgement letter would be resent today. Before she got off the phone with me she said “You have such a lovely laugh. No one knows how to laugh anymore. Thank you so much for just listening to me. Don’t change that for anyone darling. You have a blessed and pleasant afternoon”. Just when I think I am completely stagnant in my career, God gives me a glimpse of what I overlook. Completely warmed my heart. The simplest acts like listening can make the difference.

Photo courtesy of Smiley Face Place
Photo courtesy of Smiley Face Place

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