Why Now?

Tiffany’s Thoughts:

Many have asked me why I have decided to do this (Voice4Society) – specifically, why this, why now. My answer is why not?  With the media, gossip, and tabloids covering every negative situation and issue present in today’s society, I have decided to create an organization, no rather a community, to counteract it.

Positivity is a force that has more potential than we can imagine. If we harness it then release it, it will eventually come back to us, in a larger amount than it started as. Think of one person, one child, one grandparent, one nosey co-worker, one friend, one lonely bus driver, one homeless woman, one abandoned teenager, one adopted baby, one person. Despite the adjectives that you tag onto them, they are always one person at the end of the day.

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President Abraham Lincoln was one person who changed the face of the nation with his ideas of unity. Martin Luther King Jr. was one person who managed to lead a once severely segregated nation to its future. Jesus Christ was one person who walked this Earth alone but left leaving the greatest gift ever in all of history: salvation.

One person can make or break history, help or hurt the masses, and uplift or discourage the hopes of the nation. With all this said – a vision can be turned into a reality when you use the elements of commitment and focus. God dropped this idea into my Spirit and I ran with it.

The overwhelming positive responses from people who could and could not help were breathtaking. It simply reminded me that, often times, you just need one person to get the ball rolling. That was me….and my life goal is inspire you to start yours too.


#TeamHAM (Hope Alive Ministry)


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