Women of Integrity

Today’s Thoughts:

Women of integrity, please don’t settle. You’re worth far more than that. You deserve to be someone’s first choice, every time, not their sloppy seconds, thirds, and fourths. You were bought with a price so deeply entrenched in sacrifice that it would be a slap in Jesus’ face for you to not see your value. You deserve someone who will move heaven and earth for you. A person who will stand up for you even when the world is against you.

Mighty men of valor, please remember the scriptures. When a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing. That good thing will support you on every level, nurture the King in you, speak wisdom and fearless truth into your life, and be your comfort in a world that can be so cruel. If you’ve found someone who can add these things to your life, pursue her and don’t let her go. There are too many queens in waiting. Time waits for no man so don’t waste it with second and third guessing. If God’s given you the green light, act on it… Because if you don’t, someone else will.

New year, New mindset. Let 2015 be the year men actively pursue, court, engage, and marry their good things! ♡

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Leah O.

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