The System

Thought for Today:

Although I’m in the nonprofit sector now, my first degree and interest was in Criminal Justice. I sat under the influence of great men and women who worked and gave their lives to protect and serve their communities. Selflessly. It was them who began to inspire my love to get involved in what goes on in this world. While I didn’t pursue becoming an officer or an attorney, many of my friends did. I’m proud of everything they do because they are focused on helping as opposed to hurting. It’s a dangerous time to work in the system, especially for police officers. This radical “revenge killing” DOES NOT WORK. It further fuels the tension existing already between the community and the Criminal Justice system. It builds a stronger communication barrier and continues to eliminate the prospects of peace in our communities. This stupidity about “all cops are bad” or “all blacks are bad” is ignorant. I’m sure that mentality isn’t working out in favor of anyone.

As Christians, our duty is to provide the hope, the love, and the peace others desperately need right now. Unfortunately, violent epidemics are increasing. So what do you do? Use your voice to spread that encouragement to BOTH police and members of our community. Yes, it’s time for accountability (hands down!) But it’s also time to speak up through love NOT judgement. That change you’re so desperately seeking begins with you.

Be it.


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