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Thought for Today:

We’re put here for purposes and reasons for such a time as this – just like Esther was in her day. I believe in the power of prayer but I also believe in the power of unity. Waiting for all of America to acknowledge our past mistakes will probably never happen. Simply because there will always be ignorant minds out there who refuse to listen otherwise (KKK for example). Waiting around is merely just standing still. Standing still leaves you tired and being just a noisy blockade. Alternatively, it leaves you pushed over by someone who will take up the opportunity to do what they need to (good or bad) to change things.

My time is vital and limited on this Earth. If I had to sit and hope that we could get to a place where we’re all on the same page as a nation, I’d probably waste my time. Not probably, I would waste my time. Reformation will happen when we take the active stand to make it happen. I am not a fan of Rev. Al Sharpton but I do respect him for speaking up every single time there is an injustice. If something happens, he’s there. His active presence attracts the attention of people in higher authority – people we need to tap into as law makers. They listen to him and consider his views. We can do alot more if we are strategic in our approaches to finding out community – level methods to make changes. From using our voting rights to peaceful protesting to strengthening the bonds between the police departments and the areas they serve.

Yes, it can be done. Talk is getting cheaper and cheaper nowadays. There are positive ways to invest in our country to (in the future) avoid these situations from happening as blatantly as they are. Will it happen overnight? Nah. But it will, slowly but surely. Time to wake up.


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