Forward, Not Backwards

Thought for Today:

We can’t move forward if we keep looking back. Every country has their history of oppression at some point. We can’t let what happened yesterday be the reason why we choose not to make tomorrow better. If Jesus looked back at how they treated him at the Cross, we wouldn’t be here today – we wouldn’t be saved today. It’s because He saw the future and what His sacrifices would mean that He kept going. Because of it, millions of lives have been saved because of one commitment to keep going for the sake of the future. The 300+ year wound needs to close. If we kept a wound on ourselves open for that long we would never heal. Healing comes from letting what happened be a thing of the past. Racial segregation and systematic oppression is as alive as we keep it. Even if two of us make the decision that we won’t dwell in the past of our ancestors, we would have at least taken 2 steps forward in the right direction. If great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t rise up and speak out, we would have never been able to vote, use the same bathrooms as whites, be educated, and more. We would have still been out there picking cotton saying “Yes’m Mastah”. America can get better if we put Christ first. He will do it for us if we ask. Nothing is too hard for Him. We should not limit the power of a God who parted the Red Seas, brought a nation out of exile, and sent a baby to save the world. If He can do it then, He can do it again & I for one would rather take the chance and risk of believing that than giving up on our nation.


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