Letter to ‘Mother Earth’

 Letter to ‘Mother Earth’

Author: Katie Glover


Dear Mother Earth,

You’re very high-maintenance, you know that? It’s hard enough to take care of ourselves, but now everything we do has to revolve around you as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love nature (with a few exceptions), but I really don’t think we’re in a whole lot of danger of killing you–well, no more than we used to be. If anything, we’re learning from past mistakes and improving ourselves.

I don’t know what it is, but everyone is so obsessed with saving you. I’m all for keeping the world clean and livable, but I think you’re doing fine on your own. The water cycle gives us both rain and drinking water, and you give us plenty of renewable and nonrenewable resources. Thanks for that by the way.

However, I know you’re old and getting weak and we’re destroying a lot of you. We need to get better and honor our mother as we should. Maybe things are getting worse for you. Maybe they aren’t. But I guess it doesn’t matter. You need care just as much as we do. And you deserve it, for taking care of all of us.



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