5 Ways To Clear Clutter

5 Ways To Clear Clutter

Author: Crystal Holdipp


1) Keep a Schedule/Calendar: Organization is a great start to removing clutter. No one sticks to a schedule 100 % every time. Life takes place, changes occur and cancellations are made. Having a guideline gives us an idea and some structure to being active.


 2) Making Time for Relaxation: That’s right! Relax! Take time to clear the mind. Mind clutter can put a lot of strain on a person mentally. Take a bubble bath, go for a nature walk or watch a clean funny movie or show.

 3) Letting Go of What No Longer Belongs: Whether it’s letting go of an outfit that no longer fits or getting rid of past destructive behaviors, when moving in transition we must simply let go of anything that doesn’t help us to progress.

 4) Laugh A lot: Find what makes you laugh and enjoy it thoroughly. Laughter is medicine for your soul! Lighthearted acts help us deal with little and bigger happenings instead of stressing.

5) Meditate on Jesus: Every believer knows that their strength and ability comes from God. Reflect on the faithfulness of the Lord and let Him do the work within.

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