My New Years Resolution

 My Three New Years Resolutions Are…

1. Finish writing my novel. I’ve been writing it since Easter 2011 and I’m not happy with my progress (or lack thereof) so far. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that yet, but I’d imagine if I read a lot I’m bound to get inspiration eventually.

2. Learn to play the ocarina. I got one for graduation last year and I have yet to get the giver’s money’s worth out of it. I got a songbook with it and the internet is a very informative place, so, assuming I can motivate myself, it shouldn’t be too hard.

3. Walk for 90 minutes a week. That’s less than 15 minutes a day, unless I take a day off (in which case it’s exactly 15 minutes). I don’t live in a super cold or super hot place, so how hard could it be? There’s a Save-a-Step 2 blocks away that I walk to sometimes. There’s also a 3-mile walking track nearby.

– Katie’s Kwips


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