Are You Ready to Volunteer? January is National Mentoring Month

January isn’t over yet!
Mentorship is key if we want to see a change in our youth.
Become a mentor today in your community, church, or even your own home.

Up To You Project

January is National Mentoring Month! If you want to volunteer, but can’t find a position that matches your skills consider being a mentor. Imagine how rewarding it will be to watch someone younger than you grow into their best self. You can change the direction of someones life, tutor them with school, help their passions grow or just offer them a supportive and positive friendship. Who knows, you might make a new life long friend.

Find a local organization that will help you become a mentor at

Are you a volunteerYou can share your experience and inspire others on our Volunteer Story Page

Read about people around the globe who are creating sustainable change in books one and two of the Change Is Up To You Project on


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