Living Healthy For The Whole Family

 Living Healthy For The Whole Family

Author: Katie Glover

Whatever your kids eat, you eat.

Don’t tease them by eating ice cream while you make them eat an apple.

Start small. Don’t make your kids eat brussell sprouts for dinner every night from the very beginning. Instead, start with something that’s a little more appealing. Make a schedule for each month: Mondays, eat broccoli and cheese with dinner. Tuesdays, eat carrots. Then, each month, slowly make your meals healthier: maybe cook your broccoli with butter the second month, then just plain broccoli the third month.

Cut down on junk food–replace ice cream with frozen yogurt, then make it clear that they can only have a serving size. If needed, quit cold turkey for awhile–make a family commitment to stop drinking soda and eating junk food for, say, a month–it helps.

Speaking of serving sizes, make sure the kids get at least one serving size of something healthy at every meal. Build it up: for one week, they get one serving of fruits every day. By the end of the month, see if you can get them to get the full amount they need in a day. Do two or three a month–maybe protein and dairy one month, grains and oils the next, and then fruits and veggies the third month.

If the kids really, REALLY hate the food, you can probably find a yummy substitution–juice, for example. If you get the right kind, you can get a full serving of fruit from that. Find a few different types of juice and try all of them. Just be sure to read the nutrition facts–I once bought a container of V8 Splash because I didn’t know that not all V8 is 100% juice (it’s only 5%).Vitamins might be a good idea too, though I don’t recommend having to depend on them.

You could also make the food taste better–I’m not a fan of wheat bread, but if you made me a sandwich with it I may like it. Smucker’s Uncrustables are pretty good, in both taste and nutrition.

If you want info on serving sizes and how many you need in a day, has detailed info on it.


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