10 Ways To Say Thank You

10 Ways To Say Thank You

Author: Crystal Holdipp


As children we learn to say thank you when someone does something for us. Saying thank you is not only using good manners, but also lets the person know that you are grateful for what they have done. There are many ways to say thank you in appreciation of what someone has done.  Below are some ways we can show thanks:

With a smile

A smile says a lot in many known and unknown ways. It may be just what someone needs to brighten up their day.

With a letter

Writing a letter to show that you care and are thinking of that person shows a lot of thanks from the heart. Heart felt words are very meaningful.

Give encouragement

Encouragers get discouraged too. Take time out to encourage someone who has encouraged you.


Give a heartfelt hug

A hug from the heart warms the inside and lets that person know that you appreciate them.


It’s nothing like a special visit from a friend. Your company may be the comfort they need.

Bake a treat

Baking a cake, cookies, brownies or anything tasteful shows your time and effort to make someone’s day and put a smile on their face.

With a positive attitude

Positivity can be contagious and a good attitude can make a difference in anybody’s day.

Give a flower

To see and smell a flower is a simple beauty pleasure to enjoy.

Lending a helping hand

We all need help from time to time. Helping someone is a great thank you in action.

Surprise them

Do something special that you won’t normally do. Show them something that truly says from your heart “I love you.”

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