Saving Women and Girls from Danger in Refugee Camps; The Darfur Women Network Supplies Safe Stoves to Women

Our theme for October is “Justice for All”. This article by Leah O., a great supporter of Voice4Society, is spot on. This definitely embodies: #JusticeForAll! & check out the links she provides in the article. We can all do something if we make up our minds to do so!

Individual Empowerment

by Leah Oviedo.

After escaping violence at home, women and girls in refugee camps face many dangers such as violence, hunger, displacement and looting. On top of this when they venture far away in search of firewood or water, they also risk rape, assault, abduction, beating and death.

Firewood is the main reason for these dangerous excursions out of camps near Touloum, Chad. As the conflict in Darfur, Sudan continues, more refugees arrive with few if any resources from home. They rely on aid organizations and donations to survive, but cooking food usually requires collecting wood far from their new homes. As more people arrive and more trees are cut down close to the camp there is less wood for each individual along with the added problem of deforestation. The cutting of so many trees has caused erosion and also creates conflict with locals who rely on the forest for…

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