Back to School Survival Tips

Back to School Survival Tips

Author: Crystal Holdipp



Are you frustrated with school? Does it seem that every time you try it just ends up in failure?

There are many challenges that students are faced with.

School survival in the midst of those challenges is important for the student to have a successful school year.

Below are some tips to help you overcome those challenges.

black children in school

Observe your surroundings

One way to memorize your way around your new school is to visualize what you are seeing all around you. Stop to look, listen and feel. What color is the building? What shape is the object in the hallway? How many rooms do I pass before I get to that class?

Take notes/record lectures

Bullet point notes and class recordings are helpful study aids for studying. Make sure to get permission from the teacher or lecturer before recording. You can then look back on what was taught and prepare effectively for quizzes and exams.



Sit at the front of the room


If you’re an audio learner or you get distracted easily, the closer to the front the better. The audio learner can use their ears to listen carefully to the information that is being lectured or discussed.

Ask questions

Many of us introverts may find it more challenging to ask questions in both small and larger groups. The good thing is that there are alternatives.

When you’re in class feeling confused, unsure and afraid you have the opportunity to write down all your questions on a piece of paper. At the end of the class there’s a second opportunity to either go to the teacher and share your questions or set up an appointment to meet with them at a later time.

Use a calendar

A calendar comes in handy when you are a busy student or forget the important often.
Many school agendas have room to record assignments, projects, events and other important information. Check your calendar every day to stay on track.


Get a study buddy

Having a study buddy can come in handy with those striving towards academic improvement. For students who are doing well, look out for other students who may be struggling. Offer to help them with their study skills. Privately ask them if they need help with anything?

Take advantage of free tutoring

There are plenty of opportunities for those who need extra academic support. There are some schools, organizations, churches and individuals that offer free tutoring. Look in the newspapers, telephone book directory and/or try calling around different places. Consider taking free tutoring classes. The more effort you make at least you know you tried to do better. Don’t allow fear to stop you from letting your tutor know when you don’t understand something.

Look for others who are by themselves

Making friends and connecting with others can be difficult for some. Be kind and friendly to someone who appears to often be by themselves. In addition use wisdom when connecting with others. Isolation can be signs of other things you may need to seek help in. While solitude is necessary sometimes, constant isolation is not healthy for anybody. When you feel isolated reach out to others.

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