Author: Katie Glover

She’s so down and out, she feels like she’s in Hell
And she can tell you the date she finally fell
She’s been holding on for too long
She’s too weak to keep being strong
Letting go, she falls into the abyss
She can’t bear to think about how it came to this

There’s a stigma that needs to be forgotten
So we can catch those falling to rock bottom
They spend every waking second engaged in a war inside
And they can’t make it go away no matter how hard they try
They can only bend so much before they break
Everyone has a limit on how much they can take
It shouldn’t take an emergency to read their minds
Their pain will be apparent if you just look into their eyes
He’s in so much pain, he can’t take anymore
He secretly cries behind his locked bedroom door
He’s sick of hanging by a thread
Can’t get the thoughts out of his head
His thoughts blend and seem to be the same
He lets go, his mind finally driving him insane
What’s it gonna take, how many messages need to be sent
How many pulls of the trigger until you take the hint
How many pieces do their hearts need to shatter into
For them to (finally?) matter to you

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