Beyond the Borders Ambassador Program

Hi #TeamV4S!

We are excited about the plans we’re making about our *NEW* BBA Program.
It’s slated to launch in 2015 but we’re recruiting new members for our planning committee!
Quick snapshot: The BBA (Beyond-the-Borders) Program is an international community full of writers, artists, photographers, and volunteers dedicated to doing one thing – speaking up for kids all around the world.
We’ll be covering hot topics from Human Trafficking to Childhood Cancer…and what WE can do to stop it! 
How does this differ from V4S?
The BBA Program focuses on countries outside of the USA & we’ll be integrating videos, photography, forums, and more.
If you’re interested – let us know.
We’re dedicated to speaking up as LOUD as possible about and for our kids!!!
Follow us on IG and Twitter with hashtag: #raisingawareness and join the conversation!

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