Author: Cheima Bo



Dear Mother Earth,

I am writing you this letter for a multitude of reasons. You have given us the opportunity to produce and reuse, to succeed and proceed and live the healthiest life we could ever imagine. For this matter, these words are put together for you to firstly know how hard working I am to keep it neat and clean. I am indeed the first in line when it comes to reducing garbage, reusing packages and recycling bottles. I have acknowledged that those small actions do make a change.

Secondly, I wanted to show you my gratefulness for the possibilities you have opened to us and the ways you enlightened to all human beings in your golden planet. The planet that we cherish the most despite the denial of a minority who will hopefully start to believe in what you do.

Lastly, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this precious land, the pure tree air, the bright sun rays and most importantly the healthiest life no one could have ever gotten to us, but you have and thank ! you again and again for that. Dear Mother Earth, I know that you might be upset for the cruelty that you, wonderful land, have been enduring from the closest of your inhabitants, but I invite you to forgive and forget as I am apologizing on their behalf and mine for any bad behavior that had happened.



A truthful inhabitant


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