Book Three: Lila Hartage of the Love Warrior Community

This is a powerful interview!! You are more than your situation. Social Justice begins with your commitment to creating a better today #JusticeForAll

Up To You Project

Lila Hartage, Volunteer at the Love Warrior Community
Do you love yourself? For some people this question is painful to answer. As society evolved into focusing on a specific and increasingly unattainable version of outer beauty we’ve developed a belief that we are not good enough leading to self-doubt and even self-hate. Walking through our daily lives we see images that insist we look, act, and feel a certain way. These are not just in the media, but what we learn and replicate from our family, friends and strangers alike. The Love Warrior Community shifts the focus away from unhealthy images of our self and turns us towards self-love and body acceptance. Their motto is “Love yourself. Love your body. Love the world.” Lila Hartage is a volunteer using social media outreach to share both her own self-love journey and encouraging others to become their own personal Love Warriors.

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