“Peace & Prosperity”

Author:  Shudiara L. McMillian


Peace and Prosperity

By: Shudiara L. McMillian

When you think of peace you think of calm and serenity, and when you think of prosperity depending on your view you may think of it to be the work that you do you may be fulfilled by that, or prosperity from the view of having more than enough of everything such as money, successful businesses, etc.

Thinking about peace and prosperity at this point in my life, initially I was not really sure what I would write about. If I were to share about my situation at this point you’d understand that to the natural eye it’s totally opposite of peace and prosperity. I’ve found a new perspective this year and knowing that where I currently am in life that it can only get better from here.

It was around the last part of 2013, a time in my life where I had no peace. I was brokenhearted and I tried to “fix” my life, but I felt so defeated every day. I saw a better life, but in the mindset I was in; prosperity seemed so far away. I went through a lot emotionally and some days I could barely see the way.


What changed my mindset that ultimately changed my words, is that I allowed myself time to heal from the emotional trauma I was experiencing. I had to find the inner strength in the midst of all that I was going through to trust God and to remember the promises he had made me. I started to declare great things over my life, and I really began trust God to lead my life. When I did that I found peace within a broken situation. I had to stop getting ahead of God because everything I was doing to try and help “fix” my life was failing; and it was hurting me.

This year by the grace of God it has been such a turnaround in my faith, in my mindset, and even the words that I speak are beneficial to where I am and where I’m going! I know that because of my faith (confidence) in God, I am stronger, grounded, and rooted in peace and positivity.

I now recognize that where God is taking me, I have no hand in the planning. He is building me up newer and stronger, and in ways I never imagined. God is preparing me for great things to come. I am thankful that I chose to accept the flow of MY life, understanding that it’s going the way God has planned. It is that through this revelation I find much peace!


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