“Global Warning: A serious problem in this world”

Author: Cheima Bo


Global warming: a serious problem in this world

Our planet earth needs protection and good care; we must provide the maximum to it since all it has ever done is supply us, its inhabitants, with all we need. However the more we seek technological advancements the more it harms the Earth. One of the most serious environmental problems is Global warming. This issue has indeed been questioned several times with only one definite solution: quitting pollution.
Global warming is defined as the gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and its oceans, a change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth’s climate. Something harmful for the environment as it makes the ice of the North Pole melt where penguins, harp seals, beluga whales and polar bears are facing critical circumstances. Other South Pole inhabitants are suffering from overheating since degrees have increased in these past couple of decades it is placing people from tropical and coastal islands and can ultimately threaten the survival of human race. This has been on the top of the most serious earth’s problems list and is still at its rank until nowadays. Unfortunately solutions for this problem have never been showed to humanity. There is no concrete solution to this problem for now. This hardship that Men and Creature have been enduring has no specific action against it. Although if you ask a child he will answer wisely deman! ding the prohibition of pollution in all parts of the world. Illogically wise this controversial situation stands for the difficulty of facing what we had done. When we arrived to the progress we have been craving to get, we are trying to go back because of the sickness it did to the planet. All we can do know is lessen the maximum of pollution and make sure to go green and ecological, this might as a matter of fact help reduce the danger we are living in today, try to integrate with nature and feel its grieve, be there for mother nature that has always kept us out of harm. Be the first to clean the forests the parks , diminish the industries that release toxic fumes, have profits of the benefits of bicycles and stop using cars… all these actions play an important role in the ozone layer’s life. As long as you fight for it, it will fight for you. Hopefully we will neither give up nor keep forward on these destructive improvements. We must stand out for our planet to kee! p its inhabitants alive.


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