“A Remote”

Author: Ron Ed Gustave


  • Write an imaginative story about how you would change the world if you could control time with a remote control: stop, rewind, fast forward, pause.
  • As a kid growing up through the seconds of life turning into minutes,hours,days,months and mothing through the years,noticed time was something that kills the more it developed.With time,comes death;yet through the passage of time,comes beauty and development.Look at the trees of the earth,with time,they bear such delicious fruit.They are un touched by man,yes they might be the one who planted it but with time comes harvest.Most time i see people have to go to a magic show to believe in the illusions of man to be amazed,but my true sorce of mericles and magic i see everyday in plain sight.I mean how would it be possible to simply plant a mango seed in the dirt and as it grows,it sweetens or be it a banana tree,an apple tree,orange tree.I mean how amazing is it to see a coconut tree stores its water in a nut shell.I have always believed that whatever God has created is PERFECT,so there is no need to even have an imaginery idea or purpose to want to change the world but if i had to control time or something in this world for that matter,it would be it most dominant speices that occupy it,man!!! All the ills of this world was and is created by humans,be it diseases,guns,weapons,jealousy,hate,envy,money,cults,you name it,for there seem to be no limit to the evils they tend to dish out.Generation after generation,it seems to reach a level of surpassing a more wickedness of evil.I havn’t seen one sane man that would have an option of giving up a good meal to have a rotten meal that stinks.Yet there are those who choose to do malice over good.Most times i see the creatures that are controlled by God are so much at peace in doing the Lords work.The bees and hummingbirds for some reason knows that they have to go to pollinate the flowers of the plants and trees.The worms beneath the earth got to crawl through it it to keep it fertile.The rising and setting of the moon and the sun.You see,because they’re navigated by god,they have far superior sences than that of man.if a hurricane would be approaching,The birds,the dogs, cats,lions,cows,ants,even the creatures under the sea would sence it but man wouldn’t.They need their satalite dishes.
  • .Oh how far man has drifted away from god,it’s like a tree growing to close to shore only to be uprooted by a wave and draged out to sea,just floating in the salty waters with no idea of where it’s headed. So if i had this remote that would change the world,i wouldn’t use it to change man in itself,for everyone that is born is unique in they own special way.I recall when each culture of life would pass on the knowlegde of survival to the up coming,But what will this generation pass on to the next,..How to be selfish and greedy???How to make bombs to kill one another???How to have sex at an early age and it’s ok cause abortion is an option so no need to worry??? Or How cool it looks to have your entire body pierced with tatoos.Oh how my heart aches for the generations ahead.So if i really had that remote that could have stop, rewind, fast forward, pause,i would simply rewind to the time when the light bulb came on the top of the mans head which had the first evil thought and prevent it from ever exsisting or taking form.I just realised i had to write an imaginative story and i ending up dashing down a reality story.Oh my!!!

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