Thursday Morning’s Assignment By Isabella Stines (Part Five)

And so I saw my chance. Out onto the sidewalk we were headed, and I didn’t have much time. Obviously, the men were carrying weapons. But how could I even think of…


            I did the craziest thing I had ever done before of my life. Years of pick pocketing and outsmarting the people of the streets could not compare to my second greatest act of love.

            I threw myself at the man closest to my sister, screaming, biting, and fighting with a strength I did not know I possessed.

            “Avnita!” I yelped between teeth-sinkings. “Avnita, run! All of you—”


            And the war began.


            Some girls were chosen to stay behind and help me in my efforts to fight. The rest of the girls fled, heading for the streets and away from the enemy. After a few seconds of gunfire, only seven survived.



            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



            “Excuse me, young man,” a gentleman gestured that he needed to get by. I scooped up my book, wobbled onto my feet and retreated to a nearby chair. A glance at the entrance of the library showed another group of students parading in. I returned to my book, eager to get to the finale. There were only a couple pages left now. Valleri had just rid one man of his knife while another girl engaged him in a short-lived wrestling match. Gripping the knife with both hands, she brought it down swiftly and sliced into his thigh. The man howled through stuffy air. He threw his other attacker to the ground, securing her to where she couldn’t move.


More men were called by the commotion. I strained to see the group of fleeing girls that was became smaller by the second. A herd of men stampeded after them, catching most of the prisoners and dragging them back. I tried to call to Avnita, to warn her, to scream for her to run; but my voice was strangled in my throat. Our captors had regained control.

            Forced to stand, I trembled with every step as we were led out into the sidewalk, down the opposite street to where the prisoners had fled. I squirmed, twisted, and caught sight of my reward.

            Avnita, with dirt flying around her as she raced towards another alley, escaping the evil I had vowed to protect her from.


Check back tomorrow for the final/sixth part.


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