Thursday Morning’s Assignment By Isabella Stines (Part Four)

“Nijita Gupta, Avnita Sengh, Yosjah Rupamajhi…”


            I did not have to think about my next action. I stood as Avnita Sengh; even though I was sure they had my true name, Valleri Sengh. Certainly, they could not know the difference. When Avnita started to rise, I gently pushed her back into her place.


            It was the greatest act of love I had ever performed.


            I stood single file with almost ten other girls in front, near the hated door that was tauntingly offering an unauthentic escape. It would not be true freedom. We would get away from this horrible section, yes; but only to walk into a deeper kind of bondage. Even still, I felt victorious, like a savior to my only sister. I had kept her out of evil’s way for one more night.


            “And Valleri Sengh,” the enemy finished, scanning the group of overheated, underfed girls.


No, no, no, my heart screamed the words and my stomach pounded. Someone stand up for me, my thoughts pleaded. Please, someone…for me, for Avnita…

My sister stood, carefully stepping over the tangle of girls.


            My efforts to save my sister had been in vain.



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


            I couldn’t believe my own nervousness. Palms sweaty, throat throbbing; what was I doing? It wasn’t as if the girl didn’t get away. She was certainly safe enough to write about her experience. Was my concern really going out to two girls on the opposite side of the world, who probably didn’t even exist?

            Angry at the thoughts that kept interrupting me; I picked up where I had left off. Valleri and her sister were being led outside towards a dirty gate, with only two men to guard the umpteen number of girls…


Check back tomorrow for the fifth part.


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