The Man by the River By Tyler Svec (Part Two)

“Something scare you Ellie?” Lily asked. The dwarf jumped as she spoke. He grabbed at his chest and tried to regain his composure.

“Only the disturbin’ sound of someone callin’ me by somethin’ other then my name!” Ellizar replied.

“I’m calling your name. I’m just shortening it,” Lily countered. The dwarf narrowed his eyes on her and her into his, each of them trying to outlast the other.

“Just shortenin’ it?” Ellizar asked with a laugh. “That’s a good one. I should just call yeh Lil if tha’s the case.”

“You call me Lil and I’ll personally come over there, rip your hair out, and feed you to the vultures.”

“What a nice friend yeh are,” Ellizar replied. “I suppose if yeh did that I’d just have to put my axe teh good use!”

“I still don’t understand why you brought your axe, or for that matter why you wore you helmet and armor, when you knew it was going to be this hot and we were going to be traveling for this long.”

“Fer protection. I couldn’ let yeh wander all the way home by yerself without protection of some kind. Albeit I’m the only solider that could do the job! After all, have we been attacked once since we set out? I think not!”

“So you’re the best there is?” Lily asked. Ellizar frowned and then shook his head.

“Blasted elf kind! Always twistin’ yer words around before yeh even get em out of yer mouth.”

“I didn’t twist anything,” Lily insisted. “Was it really necessary to bring the axe? You look like you’re ready to go to war.”

“A dwarf is ready fer everythin’. Look at the bright side, should somethin’ awful come out of the trees and attack us, we’ll be perfectly fine.”

“And what might that be, a bear? There are no bears in this part of the country,” Lily pointed out. Ellizar frowned.

“Maybe not, but if one should happen teh show up he’ll be sorry he did when the wrath ov Ellizar is unleashed upon him.”

“The wrath of Ellizar? That sounds more like a bad fairy tale then something that could actually happen. Besides the title should be the ‘wrath of Ellie’ it’s got a much better sound to it don’t you think.”

“I think yer crazy, and if I’ve told yeh once I’ve told yeh a thousand times that my name is Ellizar! How many times do I have teh tell yeh that?”

“One more apparently,” Lily replied. She sprinted down the shore, leaving Ellizar standing where he was, shaking his head. “Blasted elf kind! Always runnin’ off, why can’t they walk? We dwarfs aren’t made fer long distance running!”


Check back on Friday for the final part.


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